Privacy Policy

Effective Date: This Privacy Policy is effective as of Oct 28, 2015

  1. Introduction

Marketing Round believes in privacy concerns and wants its clients to understand how information is curated and utilized.

The privacy policy encompasses all the information shared with Marketing Round such as via website, mobile sites, applications, electronic newsletters, and widgets linked to this Privacy Policy.  Should any conflicts arise between this Privacy Policy and subscription agreement; the latter will take priority.

This Privacy Policy also describes how Marketing Round handles other data such as demographics, interests, and service usage that are curated through third party specific to users and their accounts. By submitting personal information to Marketing Round, you also agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

You may refuse to submit requested information online, or restrict the use of cookies (scroll down for Cookie Policy). However, that may curb Market Round’s ability to deliver comprehensive service features.

Marketing Round is a general audience website and does not target site visitors below 18 years of age for personal information. Minors are requested not to submit personal information of any kind.

  1. Information Collected by Marketing Round

Marketing Round may collect the following information from its site visitors:

Personal Information

The purpose of acquiring personal information is to uniquely identify visitor (you) as an individual with a name, postal address, telephone number, email address, credit or debit card number, or profile picture.

Personal Information is collected when you visit Marketing Round website, register for services, participate in contests and surveys, or contact customer services. Personal information will also be collected while using interactive features such as chat and email.

Personal Information Acquired from Third Parties

Marketing Round may acquire personal information using the third party commercial sources such as social media and other affiliates. The information sourced from the third party may also include name, contact information, relationship with certain products and use of certain applications.

By connecting with Marketing Round’s online services to your social media services, you are authorizing Marketing Round to collect, store, and use your information in conformity with this Privacy Policy

  1. How Marketing Round Utilizes Your Information

The personal information will be collected for the following reasons:

To improve the quality of personalized contents and products delivered to you and also other information will be collected that relates your use of Marketing Round’s services and website. Additionally, we may obtain information from publicly available sources such as social media service and commercial touchpoints such as Marketing Round affiliates or its partners.

Marketing Round may send campaign materials, surveys and notification regarding its services. Personal information is used for delivery of more relevant content, responding to your comments, or inquiries.

  1. How Your Information Is Shared By Marketing Round

By rating, tagging, commenting and writing to Marketing Round’s editors you are interacting with the services of Marketing Round and its affiliates. When you submit details during your engagement with the services, you will also be consenting to allow Marketing Round to make information such as username, name, email address, location, likes, status, comments publicly available to anybody on the internet, including search engines, third party users and others who access Marketing Round website.

  1. Security of Information

Safeguarding your information is a priority to Marketing Round and variety of safety measures are deployed to prevent mismanagement of Personal Information including loss, theft, unauthorized access, or modification. Albeit, Marketing Round does not assure 100% safety of its user’s digital information. Should you feel insecure about your interaction with Marketing Round, notify the customer service immediately.

  1. Preferences and Permissions

Marketing Round allows its users the choice regarding the use and disclosure of Personal  Information. Users may opt-out from receiving the electronic communication such as promotions, newsletters, or sharing of your information with Marketing Round or its third party affiliates for any form of marketing activities by altering your account settings through links listed on the website account or by selecting unsubscribe at the end of every email.

Accessing and Modifying Personal Information

You may review, modify, or delete your subscription information and preferences by calling the customer services. Kindly note that if you are subscribed to more than one services, you have to update each information separately.

To speak with Marketing Round’s customer service, send an email to More details are available in the contact directory.

Marketing Round will attempt complying with your request in a reasonable time span and solicits your cooperation for implementation of requests. The implementation of requests is limited to Personal Information of the user associated with the registered email address. Marketing Round may also conduct verification on its part to authenticate users before request implementation.

  1. In compliance with CCPA and GDPR

The Privacy policy includes both CCPA and GDPR that safeguards the information of the consumers.

CCPA or the California Consumer Privacy Act, was implemented in January 2020. This applies to the profitable businesses across the world that sell the personal information of more than 50,000 California residents or have a revenue that exceeds $25 million. It could also be, if the organization is earning more than 50% of its total revenue by selling the information of the California residents.
The personal information includes postal address, name, IP address, email address, biometric data such as the voice recording, facial recognition, geolocation data and others.
With the implementation of the law, the consumers can opt-out of this process and ask their data to be deleted. Failure to comply with it can lead to a fine of $7500 per violation.

The General Data Protection Regulation or the GDPR, protects the sensitive information of the European consumers. It was implemented in 2018. The law aims to strengthen the rights of the consumers.
The seven principles of the GDPR law are the lawfulness and transparency, accuracy, purpose limitation, integrity and confidentiality, accountability, data minimization, storage limitation.
The rules safeguard the personally identifiable information such as the name, address, email address, contact number, biometric information, geographical data of the consumer, among others.

  1. Miscellaneous Information

Marketing Round reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy. Kindly check the date to know the last revision. Any alteration to the policy will be effective from the date of posting of this Privacy Policy on Marketing Round’s website. Any engagement by users with Marketing Round after the policy revision will be interpreted as an acknowledgment of the terms within the revised Privacy Policy

By agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you are permitting Marketing Round to store, transfer, and process information to other nations other than your country of origin where we have facilities. Hence, Marketing Round may have to comply t o the data protection rules of the respective nation handling your Personal Data.

All data acquired from the users will be retained for a duration needed to honor the objective covered by this Privacy Policy.

  1. Contact

For any further clarification regarding this Privacy Policy, contact the Marketing Round at We request users not to disclose Personal Information such as social security number, racial or ethnic origin, faith, health, etc. while contacting Marketing Round customer services.

Last Updated: October 5, 2020