The healthcare industry is massive, with billions of dollars exchanging hands every year. The USA’s healthcare sector alone is enormous, accounting for roughly 19.7% of the USA’s GDP in 2020.

Healthcare spending in the United States is expected to escalate from $4 trillion in 2020 to $8.3 trillion in 2040. Healthcare providers’ adoption of innovative health-focused technologies is a significant driver of these high prices.

Access to cutting-edge health data allows healthcare corporations to develop remedies ahead of time, anticipating massive patient demand.

It is no surprise that patients must give their explicit approval to share this confidential data. Consequently, obtaining a reliable source for your information is also critical. However, the endeavor is often arduous.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned anymore, for we’ve done the elbow grease for you. Prepare to dive into a list of the best healthcare data providers in the United States.

big data in healthcareWhat Role Does Database Utilization Play in Healthcare?


In the words of Geoffrey Moore, management consultant and author of Crossing the Chasm, “Without big data analytics, organizations are deaf and blind, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”

Databases in the healthcare industry store multifaceted data, including patient information, admittance sources and duration of stay, discharge information, prescriptions and services, and associated charges.

Datasets employed in the healthcare sector can hold a lot of data and help with various tasks, including the most crucial objective of healthcare: saving people’s lives.

In the following section, you’ll know more about the best healthcare data providers on American soil.

Rundown of the Top Healthcare Data Providers in the USA

Here’s a quick overview of the top healthcare data providers and advanced data solutions in the United States that incorporate cutting-edge technology and analytics.

1. OneKey Data by IQVIA

onekeyThe merging of three leading reference data brands, Healthcare Data Solutions, IMS Health, and SK&A, has resulted in the next generation, OneKey.

OneKey provides information on more than 9 million practitioners and 708,000 organizations in the United States and their affiliations.

Use Cases

  • Assists businesses in expanding their reach of healthcare practitioners, organizations, and associations, connecting to a particular reference data standard, and better understanding customer reach, relevance, and opportunity
  • Provides clients with updated information on institutional structures, responsibilities, and functions, allowing them to understand who is driving treatment routes and decisions
  • Aids consumers in monitoring links and comprehending how specialists and organizations are interconnected

2. Data Axle

Thousands of businesses, ranging from small local businesses to large multinational corporations, collaborate with Data Axle to identify better approaches to take data-driven initiatives.

These approaches help Data Axle’s customers improve their operations, gain real-time business insight, and advance their firms. Whatever your objectives are, Data Axle’s team can assist you in achieving and exceeding them.

Use Cases

  • Gain instant exposure to all customer and corporate databases
  • Engages in data verification and innovative software and solutions to help clients make better selections
  • APIs, pre-made connectors, and full-featured sales and marketing tools are available to assist you in customer acquisition, generating leads, and marketing

3. MedicoReach

MedicoReach’s comprehensive and detailed healthcare and medical mailing lists ensure that your messages are sent to the relevant prospects. That, in turn, results in a higher response rate.

Additionally, its highly reliable and economical marketing data is the corollary of significant analysis and research. It allows you to approach healthcare professionals and other business experts.

Use Cases

  • Receive numerous methods to reach out to your target clients, boost consumer engagement, and establish trust
  • Contact healthcare professionals worldwide, including doctors, nurses, experts, and executives. Their lists also include hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, mental institutions, and home care organizations

4. Exact Data

exact dataExact Data specializes in database advertising lists and social network pay-per-click marketing and offers multi-channel direct sales solutions. Marketers, salespeople, and researchers all use this database.

Use Cases

  • Obtain multi-channel direct sales services, with a strong emphasis on postal, email, and phone lists
  • Access new clients in niche areas, allowing businesses to expand their target audience and revenues
  • Generate bespoke lists that are revised regularly and can include anything from weight-loss consumers to affluent capitalists


5. BlueMailMedia

bluemailmediaBlueMailMedia is a group of highly competent B2B marketing mavens. It features a proprietary system for helping B2B organizations achieve triple-digit development.

It will assist you in developing a rock-solid business strategy. Moreover, this strategy will be substantiated by reliable business data, whether you are analyzing firms or pitching.

Use Cases

  • Choose from a wide range of segments depending on sector, firm size, income, geography, job descriptions, and more to get precise B2B email statistics for your business requirements
  • With the assistance of its thorough market research, identify the correct leads and the best time to approach them
  • Sift through the clutter and concentrate solely on the most promising sales prospects


6. ThomsonData

thomsondataThomsonData’s unique technology customers list is a data source. It includes contact information for users of advanced techniques such as hardware, software, and information technology.

This allows marketing communications to reach decision-makers at tech enterprises worldwide.

Use Cases

  • Customize your data list as per your liking
  • For best campaign efficacy, approach your targets from a variety of multiple choices
  • Get account profiling solutions that combine human skills, technical improvements, and in-depth research approaches

7. Definitive Healthcare

definitive healthcareDefinitive healthcare offers comprehensive information about RFPs, C-suite executive contacts, and CONs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Use Cases

  • Obtain a deeper insight into your prospective buyers
  • Build a persuasive marketing strategy by leveraging their carefully segmented datasets
  • Reach out to your target demographic with more assurance


8. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo maintains a database of direct and implementable contact details about B2B sales prospects in the healthcare industry, encompassing hospitals, dentistry, medicine, and other specialties.

Use Cases

  • Obtain authentic direct-dial mobile numbers and email addresses through their digital repository
  • Receive genuine data that saves you from wasting time on substandard healthcare prospects

9. Integrated Medical Data

integrated medical dataFor advertising, sales, regulation, research, and intelligence, iMD offers a full range of HCP/HCO solutions. This helps assure you that you’re working with a seasoned pro who recognizes the intricacies of your sector.

Proven procedures for assessing provider credentials, practice and facility statistics, provider and practice associations, EHR deployment, and more are part of their data hygiene procedure.

Use Cases

  • Using the most precise medical mailing lists available, you can minimize your campaign expenditures
  • For a range of business applications necessitating healthcare practitioner and institution data, leaders from practically every health industry vertical count on iMD

Parting Note

As inventive developers continue to emerge with sophisticated products, the alternatives for clinical information systems and big data technologies are practically unlimited.

You can count on the top 9 healthcare data providers in the United States mentioned above for healthcare-related information and solutions.

Rather than falling behind and fading, it is critical to embrace healthcare data analytics in response to such technological breakthroughs. In a nutshell, healthcare data is the guiding light that will steer the industry’s advancement not just now but also in the years ahead.