How often have you backed off from paid services to leverage your business? The only reason for this hesitation is lack of results and unnecessary waste of time and money. This is also one of the demerits of investing money in mailing list providers.

It takes consistency and a lot of research to find one reliable mailing list company. This listicle consists of the 15 most dependable mailing list companies. But, let’s clear the basics before moving ahead.

What is a Mailing List?

In simple terms, the mailing list is a collection of databases consisting of the entity’s name and email address. These lists are used to blast emails and messages from a single client to multiple people in one go. Depending on the product or service, it could be related to B2B or B2C.

Mailing lists used to be a very naïve concept until some key players set the benchmark. When the mailing list subscription is proper and verified, it can attract a lot of leads and sales. But, with every new technology comes its own set of challenges. Here, the biggest challenge is to find the right mailing list provider.

This article covers some important and leading companies that provide genuine mailing lists to sort out these issues. Read on to know more.


It is one of the best mailing list companies with a result-oriented focus. The company helps in leveraging B2B business for all possible domains. BizInfor’s team works relentlessly to help their clients connect with potential leads through email.

They have a wide-ranging global reach in every domain, and they have a good return on investment rates. They don’t just provide emails with guesswork because their ultimate aim is to work for the client. With a specialty in more than 75 domains, they’re sure to deliver the best.



Their passion for entrepreneurism led them to build an end-to-end strategy for B2b marketing by using integral business strengths. Their team of 150+ employees helps various businesses achieve goals & objectives by providing mailing lists & various other services like data cleansing, data appending, CRM data enrichment & much more.


Presence in the domain for more than two decades makes Experian one of the best email list companies. The company understands the value of time and resources.

Proper utilization of capital and intelligent execution of strategies makes leaders. Team Experian is determined to bring out the leaders in their clients with their high-quality mailing lists. They don’t help you meet the benchmarks because they are working towards creating new ones.

Previously known as Jigsaw, it is one of the most consistent email list providers. It has more than a million subscribers who have invested their trust in the company’s potential. The global outreach of the company is enormous with its cloud computing technology.

Melissa Data

This is one of the oldest players in the top mailing list companies. They adopt and execute business intelligence for their client from multiple domains. The effectiveness of their work is the reason they have remained sustainable for more than four decades.

At Melissa Data, the team understands the power of procuring and distributing the correct data. They have consistently delivered high-quality mailing lists for the growth of their clients and subscribers. They think about sales and manifest it through their thoughtful approach.


Are you tired of the spam tag? Amerilist team knows how to get rid of it because they are the best email list providers. They stand for quality, compliance, and ethics, which is unmatchable in the industry. They are focused on helping you build a brand with the right approach and strategies.
The result-driven data accumulation helps them deliver accurate email list solutions to their clients. This team has been outperforming all the other players in the market, and all the credit goes to their entire customer analysis team.

Data Axle USA

Data Axle is known for its out-of-the-box potential of data processing and acquisition programs. The company does not just focus on giving you a list of potential buyers or clients, and they process the data and help you acquire the customers and turn them into loyal patrons.
They have amazingly skimmed email lists for both B2B and B2C markets. It doesn’t empower your email alone. Data Axle authorizes the entire marketing strategy by bringing a new dimension.


Most businesses go wrong with their email listing because of their expectations. Companies don’t provide enough data on what to expect from the investment in this domain. Well, not anymore!
LeadsPlease specializes in maintaining transparency with their respective client. They don’t just provide data but also guide you on what to expect. They have data from various industries, ensuring that the product or service reaches the right audience.

Database USA

Database USA is one of the leading email list providers for B2B and B2C requirements. It has the list for all needs and has segregated more than 50 million businesses alone. The B2B connection of the company is compelling to leverage your sales.

Apart from that, they also have 245 million contacts for customers alone. Each of these contacts is segregated according to the industry of the client. The delivery includes proper analysis of the data and an outcome-oriented list.

Dun & Bradstreet Hoovers

Hoovers is a classic American database company with more than three decades in the industry. The company belongs to the parent firm Dun & Bradstreet, which has built its database significantly. It has more than 85 million business contacts and about 100 million contacts for direct customers.

Hoover’s industry-specific mailing list has helped many businesses gain insights from top industry specialists. One can test their product/services or spread the word about business presence. Hoover provides a customized solution for every need.

Blue Mail Media

This company is one of the top mailing list providers with quite a few stars studded on their shield. Accurate delivery of mailing lists aligning with the industry is what Blue Mail Media stands for. The company focuses on giving the brand the proper exposure through a targeted mailing list.

It has global domination in more than 50 countries, and lists are specific as per location, niche, age, and target audience. They have successfully increased the visibility of many brands who worked in association with them. Blue Mail Media has the right solution with exceptional back-end support, whether it is a product or service.


This company started in 2002 and gave tough competition to all the existing mailing list providers. Their exceptional service was the talk of the industry and helped many brands and businesses. The mailing list is curated for professionals who want to connect with the primary decision-makers in their niche.
Their high-quality services have brought together the right buyers to the business. They have a unique methodology for positioning the brand’s service or product. They don’t just help the business grow. Zoominfo works hard to create an identity for every client’s business in the market.

The Email List Company

This company is known for being the top mailing list provider because of its exceptional support. They do excellent niche research and curate the best contact list for their clients. The company has more than 20 years of presence in the industry. The team works effortlessly to update and evolve mailing list services, which helps them lead the market.

They are not just mailing list providers but also help test the service before delivering the list. One can expect a dedicated manager to handle every client, and it is easy to trust them for a tailor-made mailing list with only relevant contacts as a business.


This company knows what their clients need, and they are very focused on their work. They have a firm grip in more than nine industries, and their data sourcing team is brilliant. They provide a direct mailing list that has undergone rigorous research.

Their analytical tools, marketing techniques, and data mining intelligence are secrets behind their success. Sorting out contact lists can be daunting, and they make sure that clients are on-point with their strategies.

Thomson Data

Thomson Data is the trendsetter in email list companies with its unique methodologies. With over a decade of expertise in the domain, they are the most vital bridge between customers and businesses.
Value for money is what they ultimately aim for and deliver an outcome to their clients. Their high-performance email list has served leading start-ups. The global domination of the company is in more than 500 sectors. Thomson Data understands the positioning of your product/service and works accordingly.


Hence, it is evident that merely contacts are not enough to grow a business, and the current requirement is the proper connection with a targeted approach. Isn’t it amazing that an entire team is doing this exclusively for your company?
This is how mailing list companies play an essential role in business growth and expansion. They segregate the audience and skim through their database to bring maximum conversion to your business.