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What is technology? Is it hardware? Software? AI? Data? All of the above? It may be tough to define, but we are surrounded by it. Technology has penetrated almost every part of our lives. Nowadays, a business is only as good as the technologies it uses.

Understanding your customers and acting on that knowledge can be a daunting challenge. Conversely, comprehending people’s technology use and motivations will allow you to connect with them better.

That is where technographic data comes in and helps businesses better understand their potential customers. For most businesses, it’s a vital part of targeting their market.

This post will walk you through the definition of technographic data and its examples. It will look at some of the leading technographic data providers in USA and illustrate their merits.

What are Technographics and How Do They Work?

‘Technographics’ is a colloquial name for ‘technographic segmentation’ in its broader context.

It’s a method of analysing statistical data generated by a community or organization depending on their technological ownership and utilization. It’s a type of market profiling that includes Firmographics and Demographics.

Technographic data is all about the demographics of your target audience. It’s about who is most likely to buy your product and service and how you can reach them. It is also a way of figuring out how a company’s technological stack works.

  • What kind of software and hardware do they have?
  • What tools and programs are they using?
  • How are they putting their numerous systems and platforms into action and leveraging them?

After Psychographics, Firmographics, and Demographics, Technographics is the next phase in the advancement of market research.

While Firmographic and Demographic information is essential in B2B sales, Technographics round out the image. You have a minimal understanding of how an organization runs, how it makes purchasing strategies, and where it falls short in the IT field if you don’t have them.

Examples of Technographic Data

The essential pieces of technographic data come together to provide you with a comprehensive view of an institution’s technology stack. The following are the most critical technographic examples that your corporation should strive to acquire.

The Technology in Application

IT, Internet-of-things, Software, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and so on are all examples of technology.

It would be beneficial if you could additionally learn about the hardware used, such as laptops and displays. You may learn about design software by paying close attention to the nuances.

How Does Your Prospective Client Utilize Technology?

Organizations employ technology in a variety of ways. As a result, it’s critical to delve into the specifics of how your prospective client employs technology in their everyday operations.

If you want to be a party to their commercial process in the future, you’ll need to include these specifics in your technographic data.

When Did the Business Obtain These Technologies?

When a corporation acquires technology, it reveals how progressive and cutting-edge it is. When the solutions are outdated, you can assume the organization isn’t as enthusiastic about development and improvement.

Assessing a company’s attitude toward technology acceptance will help you decide how to approach them.

When you comprehend these technographic illustrations, you’ll be able to determine what the organization can afford, how much money they’ll invest, and how sophisticated their processes are.

Possessing this knowledge allows you to perform market technographics classification. If you get the chance to work with the client, technographic data provides a solid foundation of knowledge that you may use in future negotiations.

Top 5 Technographic Data Providers in USA

A list of the top 5 most popular technographic data providers in USA is provided below. Check it out!

  1. Infoclutch
  2. Thomson data
  3. TDinsights
  4. Blue Mail Media
  5. Datarade


InfoClutch powerful analytics lets you forecast and discover market-leading solutions and technologies. It keeps track of over 3 million data records from companies worldwide. You can create and personalize modern marketing strategies in ways you’ve never seen before.

InfoClutch’s technographic data assists you in addressing users who utilize technological solutions such as JD Edwards, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, MS Azure, AWS, and others.

Furthermore, statistical information on technology with the aforementioned versions is also provided.

InfoClutch’s simplified technographic data focuses on a set of enterprises or sectors depending on the technographic characterization. It provides reliable data such as contact details for technological corporations and top executives’ titles.

Thomson Data

Thomson Data, which has over ten years of experience in B2B marketing services, provides technographics data that enables businesses to reach out to their targets at the right moment. Their 75 million B2B records provide a solid foundation for any data-driven sales and marketing organization.

Furthermore, Thomson Data’s account assessment services combine human skills, technical innovations, and in-depth research approaches. It aids your sales force in interacting with potential leads who can generate additional revenue.

Thomson Data’s unique technology users list is a data source that includes contact information for users of numerous technologies, such as software, hardware, and IT, to assist marketers in reaching decision-makers at tech organizations worldwide. Hardware Enterprise, Project Management, Productivity Solutions, Cloud Services, Resource Planning, and Customer Relationship Management are among the technologies it monitors.


High-quality and well-structured data unlock the actual potential of a firm. TDInsights specializes in creating a dataset that fosters a data-driven environment, which then combines to produce timely results.

Its corporate rule is to provide reliable, double-verified, and result-oriented information to aid in the execution of a profitable B2B promotional campaign. Its calibrated and well-polished technology list ensures that your marketing funnel is full at all times. It enables you to locate IT opportunities in any part of the world.

With its highly targeted and enhanced data, you can quickly showcase your business to multitudes of technology businesses and executives. It provides global information to assist you in locating prospects in any nation, area, or region. Its B2B network spans the world, with over 50 million company profiles from leading corporations in more than 60 countries in its repository.

Blue Mail Media

Blue Mail Media is a group of B2B marketing mavens who have developed a unique system for attaining triple-digit development for B2B businesses.

It will assist you in developing a rock-solid business strategy substantiated by reliable business data, regardless of whether you are analyzing firms or pitching. It will collaborate with you as an auxiliary of your organization to realize the maximum potency of your marketing activities.

It assists you in identifying the correct leads and the best time to approach them using its comprehensive market research. It will assist you in generating excellent leads and expanding your sales funnel with the assistance of its effective B2B techniques. Blue Mail Media will help you transcend the clutter and concentrate solely on the most significant opportunities to increase your sales by using its insightful observations.


On the Datarade Data Marketplace, you can identify, examine, and then choose the perfect data for your organization without undertaking months of investigation. Discover the perfect deal across 2,000+ data suppliers globally with comprehensive and impartial advice from data specialists.

Datarade is “information agnostic,” focusing on meeting the world’s data needs with all its requirements. That means it’s always adding new data kinds, services, and suppliers to its inventory. Scores of categories are already available on Datarade’s worldwide data platform, ranging from B2B marketing data to location data to stock market data.

Datarade earns a commission fee from its data provider affiliates if you are satisfied with Datarade’s offerings and purchase a suggested data solution. You won’t have to spend anything in advance, and you’ll get free and unbiased expert guidance.

Wrapping Up

Technographic data provides high-quality leads to your company’s sales and marketing teams and prepares them for potential objections they may face during the sales process.

It positions your firm in a stance to precisely recognize the best sales prospects and determine whether your corporation’s offers are complementary or competitive with those of the potential customer. It also helps your ABM strategies by increasing conversions and shortening the sales cycle. Most crucially, technographic data positions your company for a world where data would be at the heart of all operations and services.

As a result, instead of slipping behind and withering, it is vital to react to these technological revolutions by embracing technographics. In essence, technographic data is the North Star that will lead the evolution and growth of your corporation not only now but also hereafter!