Let us consider a few scenarios. Maybe your business has developed an exciting new product, and now you are putting together an excellent email marketing strategy. Or, perhaps you are looking to collect data on your target customers.

There is no denying that the ROI for email marketing is massive, pegged at $42 for every $1 invested. Moreover, by 2022, it is expected that nearly 347.3 billion emails will be sent daily.

When viewed in this light, it becomes imperative for businesses to build their own email list. Alternatively, they can outsource this task to companies that specialize in providing such services to those that need them.

In this read, you will be walked through the benefits of email lists, the best technology email list providers, and more.

What is an Email List?

An email list is known by different names – a mailing list, an electronic email list, subscriber’s list, etc. At its core, an email list is a compilation of the individual email addresses of customers.

Companies use email lists to send marketing emails, advertisements, and other promotional material to their target customers.

The Benefits of Curated Email Lists

It is not surprising that email lists have become a raging hit in 2021. Their benefits are multi-pronged, including ease of communicating offers, extensive personalization, and boosted ROI, to name a few.

  • Personalization: Email lists equip you with data about your customers. You can use this to send out customized marketing emails with a personal touch.
  • Ease of Communication: Around 91% of consumers across the world check their emails regularly. With email lists, you can zero in on the right customers and keep them informed of your products and services.
  • Segmentation: Let’s say that you run a business that offers a dynamic range of products and services. You will likely need to market different services to different demographics.This is where you can benefit from the segmented data that email lists provide.
  • Effective Trust Building: When you send your customers tailored, well-curated and informative emails, they are bound to trust your business and your products. Everyone knows that trust is a crucial business element.
  • Cracking ROI: You have probably heard a lot about the fantastic ROI statistics on email marketing. Here’s one more: on average, the ROI on email marketing is an astounding 4300%. Moreover, email lists help you achieve just that.

A couple of other prominent benefits of email lists include getting more customers to return and building a credible and strong brand presence.

Who are Email List Providers?

Also known as Email Service Providers or ESPs, technology email list providers specialize in building email lists for companies. The email lists they provide will contain subscribers’ data, split into discrete and relevant segments.

Given the popularity of email marketing, most email list providers these days offer additional services. They can include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping you craft optimized content for your email marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced lead conversion
  • Accurate A/B testing of content, subject lines, and layout of emails
  • Further segmentation of data, according to the needs of your business
  • Data appending, checking, and hygiene

There are many email list providers you can choose from. If you are involved in a niche business, look for a provider that specializes in the same.

The 5 Best Email List Providers

The email list providers listed below are known for their complete services. From providing access to a regularly updated email database service, top-notch data scientists, and unique data segments, you will find that they have covered all bases.


Originally based in the US, Thomson Data is an email list provider with a truly international presence. They have a team of over 150+ trained and expert data scientists working on collecting and maintaining discrete data segments.

Their email lists have over 75 million B2B contacts and addresses. Their Technology Users List, known as Technology Insights, can track numerous technologies like cloud services, ERP, CRM, Hardware, Project Management, and Productivity Solutions.

In addition to data appending, licensing, and account profiling services, they provide industry-specific mailing lists. Their lists cover a range of geographic locations and 50+ industries.


InfoClutch brings a wealth of data expertise to the table, making them a reliable name in the industry. With over 70 million records safely stashed away in their massive database, they are the real deal.

For instance, their TargetTechnology lists allow businesses to market to ERP, CRM, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and PeopleSoft Users.

Their email lists are classified under the following categories: TargetTechnology, RoleConnect, IndustryReach, HealthCare Base, Region Focus, and ReEngage.


Established in 2016, TDInsights is a Texas-based email list provider. They provide businesses with accurate and authentic email lists at reasonable prices. Moreover, their data is hyper-personalized and hyper-segmented to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

They also provide technology, industry, and professionals-centric email lists. Their Technology Users Lists are offered across several subcategories, like Salesforce customers, SAP customers, and NetSuite customers, Cloud Computing users, to name a few.

Collectively, their email lists represent over 70 million contacts. For instance, their International Mailing Lists cover the USA, the UK, Europe, Central America, South America, and other places across the globe.

Blue Mail Media

When it comes to numbers, Blue Mail Media sure owns all the records: More than 100 million records and a revenue improvement rate of over 200%. Their B2B email database covers  various industries, healthcare data, technology insights, international data and more.

Blue Mail Media’s customized solutions are wide-ranging and include DemandNxt, CustomPro, and CRM Data Enrichment, to name a few.


The folks at eSalesData are driven by a single motto: to preach what they practice. This commitment is reflected in the data appending, licensing, profiling, and reselling services they specialize in.

Their extensive roster of list solutions includes a technology users list, a healthcare list, a professionals list, industry-specific lists, and a B2B mailing list, to name a few.

What’s more, their Sales Leads databases are truly impressive. Their sales lead-cum-email list database positions them as a unique company in a field that’s packed with many players.

Final Thoughts:

Every business needs an excellent email marketing campaign. And behind every successful email campaign is a well-compiled email list curated by an email list provider.

Their benefits are astonishing – improved ROI, personalized marketing, boosted revenue, etc. – making them a necessity in 2021.