Your 2021 Guide To The Best Data Cleansing Tools

Sub-par quality leads can be consequential for your organization. Thus, data cleansing or data scrubbing becomes essential in eliminating or editing data in a database that may be duplicated, poorly formatted, incomplete, or incorrect. Manually evaluating zillions of data can be a daunting task and prone to mistakes making data cleansing tools even more helpful. A data-driven approach is one of the fastest ways for an organization to prosper, but all approaches will become futile if the data is not trustworthy. Here is our expert pick of the 12 best data cleansing tools to keep your data consistent and clean so that you can analyze it efficiently and make informed decisions.


source: InfoCleanse

InfoCleanse is one of the most loved and efficient data cleansing tools in the market right now. It is as one of the most accurate and fastest solutions, offers a wide range of features for organizations.  Their team is capable of data cleansing, data management, data validation, email appending, data appending and many more. InfoCleanse don’t offer their tool publicly but they have their internal tool to do the job for you. They are an expert in revitalizing your outdated marketing and CRM databases to significantly accelerate your marketing operations. With this software, you can add deleted information to your database, efficiently classify and organize your data, add additional information to your existing data and many more. InfoCleanse also allows you to connect with prospects at various touch points. It provides you with accurate data for impeccable sales execution. Overall, its an exceptional data cleansing tool to boost your sales and marketing.

Major Benefits Of InfoCleanse

  • InfoCleanse team will do the job for you
  • No need to learn any tools
  • Provides very accurate data
  • Excellent for cleansing & appending missing fields


source: Tye

Tye checks and eliminates invalid email addresses, duplicate data, and other faulty entries. Tye is capable of standardizing your data, and as a result, you can start email automation after quickly running the software through your system. Tye works with third-party tools to append information, with missing information such as job title, location, gender, and more, allowing you to provide personalized marketing and customer support. Unlike other similar software, Tye doesn’t just eliminate bad email addresses and fix invalid ones, but it also normalizes your data, allowing automation tools to accept your import without errors. Free data check and services cost anywhere from $0.05-$0.24 per data set, depending on your database size and requirements.

Major Benefits Of Tye:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Normalizes data
  • GDPR friendly data enrichment

IBM Infosphere Information Server


source: IBM

Offered by one of the most prominent players in data and technology, IBM Infosphere Information Server offers a plethora of useful data cleaning features. Through this software, you can inspect your source data, deduplicate records, validate data, classify data and standardize information. Ongoing monitoring keeps your data clean and ensures that poor quality data doesn’t penetrate your services and applications. For cleaning your addresses, you can use AVI and USAC. IBM Infosphere Information Server also comes with numerous other features such as digital transformation, near real-time integration, data governance, data transformation, data monitoring, among others.

Major benefits Of Infosphere Information Server

  • Prevents poor quality data from getting into other systems
  • End to end data integration platform

TIBCO Clarity

source: TIBCO

TIBCO Clarity is a cloud SAAS (Software-as-a-service) tool designed to import and clean massive amounts of raw data effectively. This software can clean addresses, identify and eliminate duplicates and validate the data. One of the stand out features of TIBCO Clarity is that it can standardize raw data derived from a vast range of sources, whether it’s from another database, a file from your computer, or from the cloud allowing you to merge and clean huge files. It also allows you to automate data cleansing, configure your setting once, and apply it to future lists saving you a lot of time when importing new datasets. The standard version of TIBCO Clarity starts at $100 per month.

Major Benefits Of TIBCO Clarity

  • It helps standardize large lists into one colossal list
  • Cleans vast amounts of raw data



WinPure is one of the most popular data management and cleaning solutions in the market and is perfect for a wide range of tasks. They’ve been developing award-winning solutions for over 15 years and have helped thousands of businesses all across the globe. Their software is suitable for large and small enterprises to enhance their customer and internal data. With just a few clicks, you can standardize, correct or clean your data and remove any space-consuming duplications. This software can also set up address verification from an operational module and add rules-based cleansing processes. As of now, WinPure is one of the best in simple data cleansing and matching and is used by numerous brands such as Microsoft, Vodafone, and BBC, among others.

Major Benefits Of WinPure

  • Easy to use
  • Locally installed software


source: Cloudingo

Cloudingo is another powerful tool designed for the salesforce ecosystem. This tool can carry out virtually any cleansing tasks such as data migration, duplication, and many more. It is even capable of identifying human errors and issues with your data. Further, the software also has additional support for APIs with SOAP and REST frameworks. Cloudingo offers exceptional flexibility and control to organizations, and as of now, it has numerous prominent customers such as Square, Cisco, and Panasonic.

Major Benefits Of Cloudingo

  • Uses intelligence to identify human errors
  • Extra support for APIs

SAS Data Quality

source: SAS

Unlike other similar data cleansing tools that transfer data to another location from its original one, SAS Data Quality cleans data from its source. You can use this software to work with data lakes, relational databases, cloud-based data, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. This software has numerous data cleansing features such as data remediation, entity identification, correction, and deduplication. Additionally, it can also integrate, business glossary, data visualization, master data management, data quality monitoring, and data governance.

Major Benefits Of SAS Data Quality

  • Compatible with a vast range of data sources
  • Cleans data at the source

Validity Demand Tools

For Salesforce administrators, validity is one of the best data quality tools. For business leaders, it offers a wide range of robust tools to help manage CRM data in the Salesforce environment. You can use this software to clean a long list of data sets and eliminate duplications. That’s not all; it can even standardize Salesforce objects. Additionally, it has numerous other capabilities, such as using external data such as excel spreadsheets, finding report modules, and reassigning data ownership. Further, Validity is customizable and flexible for business owners.

Major Benefits Of Validity Demand Tools

  • Capable of standardizing salesforce objects
  • Customizable and flexible

Talend Data Quality

source: talend

This software comes with a sophisticated cleansing framework that helps businesses produce and maintain reliable data. Talend Data Quality includes everything from machine learning tools to connectors and pre-built components. You can also access monitoring features and data governance, and numerous other features such as data validation, standardization, and deduplication. This software supports on-premise and cloud-based applications. It even comes with a graphical interface that allows you to effortlessly drill down into the details of each data point’s accuracy.

Major Benefits Of Talend Data Quality

  • Supports on-premise and cloud-based applications
  • Features a graphical interface

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

source: Oracle

This software is designed to offer reliable master data and integrate it with your business applications. Oracle Enterprise Data Quality offers numerous cleansing features such as profiling, real-time and batch matching, standardization, and address verification. Many of its features are suitable for beginners, but it’s mostly targeted towards advanced technical users. This software supports business intelligence, master data management, migration, integration, and governance.

Major Benefits Of Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

  • Creates reliable master data
  • Comprehensive data quality management software


Instead of a dedicated data cleaning software, Ringlead is more of a comprehensive CRM end-to-end solution. Ringlead offers numerous data quality features such as data discovery, data enrichment, duplicate prevention, linking leads to accounts, deduplication, and normalization. Other services provided by this software include prospecting, routing, list building, scoring, and segmentation.

Major Benefits Of Ringlead

  • Specializes in marketing and CRM automation data
  • End to end CRM solution


Xplenty is one of the most prominent data pipeline software in the market. It is capable of ELT, ETL, and replication functionality, and you can set it up through a no-graphic interface. When you utilize ETL, your data will be cleaned and transformed by the transformation layer before moving it to a salesforce, data warehouse, or data lake. Additionally, Xplenty offers numerous other data integration features. With the user-friendly approach, the data pipeline creation will be open to everyone in your organization. As a result, you can allocate IT and data team time to other duties. Due to it being a cloud-based platform, it offers routine management and maintenance. It’s a very flexible software, and you can scale your usage up and down.

Main Benefits Of Xplenty

  • Cloud-based
  • No-code user-friendly interface


As Aaron Koblin, entrepreneur in data and digital technologies puts it, “You may own a ridiculously complex and enormous data set, but with the right methodology and tools, it will not be an issue.” A data cleansing tool is indispensable if you want to maximize your organization’s efficiency. This brings us to the end of our list for the best cleansing tools for the year 2021. Even though all of the above-mentioned data cleansing vendors are exceptional, you must keep in mind that none of them are perfect, and it all comes to your and your organization’s requirements.