The New Year 2021 has just started, and we can’t wait to begin our marketing journeys. If you are searching for the best of email list cleaning and verification services, just like many other aspiring B2B marketers, then we have some heavy insights for you.

This article will talk about the best email list cleaning services and their providers so that you know what actions to take by the end of the article. We will also aim to eliminate the trouble of invalid email addresses that keep popping up in our campaigns and how to get rid of them.

Well, as they say, a good email list brings positive returns, sales, and response. So let’s begin by introducing some smart hacks to avoid unhygienic email addresses, obsolete data and bring in fresh as well as quality-based email lists.

What is Email Deliverability Basically?

One of the most effective and formal ways to approaching your targeted lead is through email marketing. As this is one of the oldest modes of communication, it is most trusted and claimed to be prominently used globally. In fact, about 91 percent of marketers rated email as the most trusted and essential element when it is about their marketing endeavors.

But too much dependency on email marketing has made it a far more competitive space for marketers than anything else. The only possible way to outstand your email marketing strategy is by crafting a robust email list that is unmatched by the competitors. You may have fewer contacts, but the quality of the email list should be premium and accurate.

Basically, you need to have a best email list cleansing service that is reliable and does not contain any invalid email addresses. This means your email must reach the audience directly as to optimize your marketing efforts in the right way. This will automatically boost your marketing performance by a large margin.

What is a Bulk Email Verification Service all about?

Bulk email verification service is becoming a mandatory tool for B2B ventures for sending out mass emails and execute email marketing campaigns. These services help in determining if the quality of the email list is good enough or not, or if it has valid information and deliverability rate or not.

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The whole bulk email verification process is quite lengthy and involves assessment and analysis of each email address present in the data set. The verified emails are then uploaded to the list and hosted in the software.

But how does the whole process happens? Let’s find out!

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How Does an Email List Verification Process Take Place?

The accuracy and authenticity of an email list can be tracked with the help of some validation tools and techniques, depending on the database and its algorithms. The email list verification process ensures that the list is clean from any sort of invalid, obsolete, or faulty data by the end of the service. It also makes sure the deliverability of the email list is high and equipped for marketing purposes.

Let’s spare some time and look into the email verification process to understand how it exactly works!

– Email List Syntax Analysis: In this, the format of the email list is analyzed and any improper features existing are removed, as set by the IETF Standards.

– Domain Records Check: The DNS entries are verified under this stage of all the email addresses. If any domain is assessed and found obsolete or invalid, the process will show mark it invalid and remove it from further use.

– Role-based Account Detection: At times, role-based emails can impact the deliverability rate such as info@, admin@, sales@, and may put you on the spam side. This stage helps you in detecting such accounts and address the issue.

– Spam Tracking Detecting Process: This stage detects blacklisted, spam, or honeypot email addresses by tracking them in the list of spammers where these types of spammers are generally recorded.

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Disposable Email Address Detection: In this stage, the email addresses that are invalid are thrown away in the junk collector. These are generally collected from the signup forms that were filled on site.

– Assessing URI for Blacklisted Addresses: A list of blacklisted IP addresses is often used for the purpose of spamming. This means the domains are assessed, and if found spam, then they are generally blacklisted from further activities. The IP addresses are deeply researched and tracked for the case of spamming.

– Last and Final Check: The last phase is to make the final check of all the email addresses and the campaign that will approach them directly in their inbox.

Why Do B2B Companies Need to Keep Their Email List Clean at all Times?

Email list holds as much importance as strategizing an email marketing campaign. It adds speed to the campaign and makes it work in the right direction.

There are various reasons as to why B2B companies need to keep up with a clean email list, such as:

Increases the Open Rate: It helps in increasing the open rates of the emails by reaching the right set of audiences. Only the people who hold similar interests will be approached with the help of a clean email list, which will keep the email marketing campaign in the right direction.

– Fewer Spam Issues: A clean email list also affects the number of spam issues, which helps wonderfully in reducing the number of spam emails.

– Improves the Click Rate: As the email list is upright focused, it ensures to add more click rate than it used to. The potential email list will always benefit you on such grounds, which can be seen through a clean data set.

– Lower Bounce Rate: A clean email list will also enhance the response, which implies it will lower the scope of bounce rate. The emails will be taken an interest in by the readers and will get a good response too.

– Better Brand Promotion: As the emails will be well-read and taken an interest in, the brand will also get promoted and recognized widely. This will automatically uplift the brand image in the market without having to do much for it.

– Improved Email Deliverability Rate: You will also experience a better email deliverability rate as the emails will not be landing in spam or coming back. A clean email list will certainly be landing the emails at the right place.

– Less Landing in Spam Folder: Usually, emails with no direction or knowledge of subscribers end up in spam folders, which is not the case with the clean and direct email list. Instead, it saves the effort of marketers and reduces the chances of spamming one’s emails.

High Data Accuracy: Clean email list automatically serves authenticity and accuracy of the information, which helps in clear communication, direct approach, and responsive campaign all at once. The quality of data becomes superior and reflects on the email marketing campaign.

How to Uplift the Inbox Placement Rate and Verify your Email?

Well, there are certain hacks to place your inbox right and keep the list of emails verified and validated at all times. With the help of some cleaning tools and services, all of this is possible. Therefore, you must engage with service providers six months prior to launching an email marketing campaign. There is no point to keep sending emails to an obsolete email address as that will flatten the potential of your email campaign and lose its direction.

For instance, if you send emails to an unverified or obsolete email address, then your emails will bounce back. Bounce rate is basically the number of emails your subscribers didn’t receive but were sent by you. The consequence of this is worse than you imagined. Such as:

  • Flatten the brand name in the market due to bounce rate
  • Chances of being a spammer increase, which no company wants
  • Chance of being blocked by subscribers also tend to spike up

Therefore, you must keep the email verification and validation game one level up!

Let us learn different methods of keeping the email list in the right direction. But before that, you must know what the inbox placement rate is!

Inbox placement rate signifies the actual number of emails sent by your team which has successfully reached the subscribers, which also implies the rate must stay on the higher end to keep up the domain and brand reputation.

Below are some amazing tips to increase the response rate to your emails.

Verify Your Emails: As a B2B marketer, you need to keep your email list verified and validated to make sure the email marketing campaign gives the best response rate possible. This will guide you to send emails to the audience who genuinely looks forward to receiving them.

– Aim to Improve Your Performance: Once you find the right set of people to whom you should send the emails, it is time to improve your strategy, planning, and performance (execution). You must work wisely and make sure you are unique in your approach while connecting with people through emails. You are sending the right sort of emails to the right set of people at the right time, so pivotal to get the right response.

– Aim to Drive Quality Leads: Once you create the emails for the audience, you must aim to build a unique brand voice that reaches the potential leads and gets comprehended by them easily. Your emails must offer them information and value by the end they read them. B2B industry is extremely challenging, and to stay at the top, you must keep yourself one step ahead of your field competitors by offering your audience the value that they seek.

– Have a Result-driven Approach: Once you take the above steps in the right direction, you are all set to make visible results. It is so important to have a result-driven approach as it can act as a driving force for you while making the whole email marketing campaign. You can cross milestones by present value in exchange for the response you expect.

These factors will help you improve your approach and make unique email marketing campaigns in this year ahead. However, these tips will not be enough if you solely depend on them for a greater response rate. One very important key element is the email scrubbing service provider companies, who play an integral role in driving leads to your campaigns by assisting you with email scrubbing service and robust email lists.

In the email marketing field, simply maintaining a clean list can be a tedious task; therefore, more of the successful B2B ventures seek the help of experts in the database field who specialize in organizing and aligning the data right.

Some of the best service providers even promise a great deliverability rate (90 – 95 percent) and also help you save time from the data struggle. In today’s times’ email campaigns are the most chosen mode of promotion and branding; therefore, a method-based email list is visualized as an asset. This asset cannot be self-created by you or your team but needs to be taken from the experts who manufacture it. The email list providers assist you, by all means, i.e., they offer you reliable leads, complete data, authentic entry of information, segmented fields, and customized services as per your business requirements. What else do you need!

Let us look into the top 10 email list cleaning and email verification & validation service providers in 2021!

Company Name Rating
InfoCleanse 4.9/5
Clearalist 4.5/5
Bouncify 4.2/5
TDInsights 4.6/5
Email Marker 4/5
BlueMailMedia 4.3/5
Snov 4.9/5
KickBox 4.7/5
Verifalia 3.9/5
Bounceless 4/5

1. InfoCleanse

InfoCleanse is one of the topmost and trusted email list cleaning and verification service providing company. It has expertise in transforming a dead email list into a robust one. They serve their solutions worldwide, making it a vast platform for B2B marketers to bring out their campaigns successfully.

Their main principle is to understand the need of the customers depending on their market and business scope and then suggest them solutions.

One very important element that InfoCleanse offers is a religious follow up service, which is majorly lacking in the industry. They keep a check on the client’s experience and service satisfaction even after selling their solutions to ensure the client is absolutely content.

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Their services are vast such as, data verification, data appending, data validation, email appending, reverse appending, phone appending, postal appending, social media contacts appending, CRM data appending, SIC Code appending, and data cleansing.

They have a large team that works responsibly on bringing out the best solutions for the clients and take them one level ahead of their competitors.

With a magnificent and robust data repository of more than 75 million verified business leads, they surely prove to be the topmost choice for B2B marketers in 2021 for email list cleaning and email verification & validation services.

Some of the benefits you by taking InfoCleanse services are:

– 90 – 95 percent of the deliverability rate

– Robust leads in the email list to back your campaign

– Real-time customer support services

– Assured response rate from the email list

– Better bond with the existing as well as newly acquired clients

– Absolute authenticity and originality of data

– Customer-centric approach while offering solutions

2. Clearalist

Clearalist is an email list scrubbing firm which works on types of email list and business sectors. It has been in the industry and made its make by doing what they say. They work on bringing ease to their email list by adding the element of functionality. This also means their email list is bulked up with potential leads and can be conveniently downloaded anytime.

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Over time they have added various elements in their services to improve the cleansing of data set, which also includes having software to cleanse the data for them. They work towards segmenting the data through software, which helps in suspending the spam list and reduce the bounce rate for marketers.

Their role in the industry has got them reliable, to say the least, and helps marketers build a robust mechanism for their future campaign endeavors. By managing the hygiene of the email list and scrubbing the contacts, they give your email list one edge more than the competitors, which reflects in the performance of the campaigns gradually.

Clearalist also checks and verifies email list through domain validator, MX validator, and more.

If you use Clearalist’s services, you get the following perks:

  • More than 95 percent accuracy of data once the verification is done
  • Large quantity of emails are verified in a single time
  • Secure your data against spam and detect spam intervention
  • Get real-time customer support services from the team
  • Verification of syntax, mailbox, and the domain system
  • Removes all types of redundant, obsolete, invalid, and duplication

3. Bouncify

Bouncify is counted as an easy and convenient platform for email scrubbing services. It majorly works towards improving the deliverability rate of the emails and building brand image in the B2B market. The sole aim is to eliminate the risk of suspension of the mailing accounts. This suspension usually takes place due to an increased bounce rate, which is not favorable for the brands. Bouncify aims to ease the job of B2B marketers and brings in the cleaning services at ease with a large database of the email list. It is considered to be one of the most comfortable and reliable platforms in case you seek verification and validation of your big data or email list. They make sure the stored data is completely secured and not shared with third.

This is the most secure platform to organize and verify your email list. The stored data will be safe and not be shared with other third parties.

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Benefits provided by Bouncify are as follows:

  • High-quality verification process
  • Better accuracy
  • Customer-centric approach
  • More than 10,000 clients globally
  • All-time customer support over chats, email, and phone
  • Timely delivery of services
  • Cloud hosted SAAS
  • Affordable services of all types
  • Android and iOS apps convenient to be used

Bouncify ensures to keep your mailing and email list clean and accurate. It works on bulk data in an efficient manner by designating a team of experts for each field. B2B marketers can upload csv files of up to 500,000 emails at one time and can directly paste about 1000 emails in one go. They have an automatic system for analysis and assessment to keep up the quality of your email list.

Bouncify cleans your mailing list accurately and quickly. See how easy it’s to validate an email list in bulk. Once the email list is cleansed and the process completes, you can personalize the verification results and download the report anytime on your own. Bouncify lets you decide the actions of your email list.

4. TDInsights 

TDInsights helps in formatting and creating a neat structure for clean data to exist. The firm cultivates an email list in a way that yields profitable results for the B2B ventures. The company customizes the email list on the basis of the client’s requirements and works accordingly.

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If you take data cleaning services from TDInsights, you get the following advantages:

  • Get more than 95 percent accuracy from the services
  • Get exposure to more than 70 million business contacts
  • Get assured client retention of more than 45 percent
  • Strengthen customer relationships with TDInsight email lists

5. Email Marker

Email Marker is a smooth web application where you can upload email lists online and avail yourself services directly. They let you upload your email data online with the help of a web application and use it conveniently anytime as per your suitability. Moreover, in case you get more than a 5 percent of bounce rate on your marketing campaigns, they commit to offering you a full refund of the amount paid for the services.

They process about 100k emails in less than 2 hours every day. To our amusement, they have an integration with MailChimp, which makes them more promising than ever. On email marker, you can upload multiple files in different formats such as XLS, XLSX, CSC, txt, and more.

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Every time you avail their data solutions, you get two separate files from the email marker. One of the files contains a clean email list with only verified and valid emails curated by their team. And another one is the original file with a new column to record each email. In short, this email cleansing service providing firm offers everything a B2B marketer looks for.

If you use Email Marker’s services, you get the following benefits:

  • More than 97 percent accuracy post verification of data
  • Bulk emails are verified in one go
  • Protect your data against spam and third-party intervention
  • Get any time customer support
  • Verification of syntax, mailbox, and the domain system
  • Detects any sort of spam trap, if it persists
  • Removes all sorts of redundant data and duplication

6. BlueMailMedia

BlueMailMedia is an old and renowned name in the B2B verification and cleaning service providing sector. It has been serving its solutions globally for more than a decade and emerged to the most trusted among the sales and marketing sector worldwide. The venture works towards customizing the data solutions on the basis of client’s requirements.

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If you join hands with BlueMailMedia, you bag along the following benefits:

  • Exposure to global prospects from the B2B field
  • Get assured brand engagement and response on email campaigns
  • Upgraded performance of your campaign in comparison to previous years
  • Get fresh and verified list of robust leads from all across the world

7. is another one in the list of top 10 email list cleaning and email verification & validation service providers. It is considered to be the easiest email verifier tool that can verify bulk emails in some moments. It checks the email list whether all email addresses have followed the right set of email formats or not. In case if finds any email that is associated with any prohibited symbols, it will automatically start working towards removing it. The platform works towards assisting the aspiring B2B marketers and fill up gaps in their email list.

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It can bring in the convenience of exporting files like your email lists easily in the XLSX, CSV, or Google sheet formatting. Not only this, but it also grants unlimited integration for the API and keeps the huge email verification process seamless. also opts for a four staged verification process which means, and it does an MX record check, syntax check, SMTP check, and lastly assess all the email address finally to see the whole process is resulting successfully.

In case you are looking to join hands with, there are multiple benefits you get along:

  • Improve customer bonds with new and existing clients
  • Much reduced bounce rate than experienced earlier
  • Get accuracy by up to 98 percent for the email list
  • Secures the email from third party involvement
  • Renders full support to the sender and brands

8. KickBox

Kickbox is also an email list cleaning and verification providing firm which offers its services at an affordable price. You can be the single controller of your email list. You can simply sign up with a great plan of your choice, visit the verify page, upload your document or file, and get instant results.

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KickBox has a user-friendly interface, which doesn’t need an expert to help you with the services. You can work around your requirements as needed.

If you are taking their email list cleaning service, then you can get benefits like:

  • You can verify bulk emails in few moments
  • You get the accuracy of data by about 95 percent
  • It helps you detect spam-traps and saves a brand image
  • You can check mailbox, syntax, and domains all on your own
  • It helps in getting customer support in real-time

9. Verifalia 

Verifalia is an Italy-based verification and cleansing service providing firm. The platform helps to verify bulk email addresses with the integration of DNS check, Syntax Validation, MX test, and more. There is a real-time validation at Verifalia where you can upload any type of files conveniently.

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If you take services from Verifalia, you get the following perks:

  • Make space for the grey listing
  • Detect spam as well as DEA
  • Secured your data by all means
  • Holds accuracy of more than 95 percent
  • Get real-time client support for any persisting issues

10. Bounceless

Bounceless commits to providing high-quality services with as good as 99 percent of accuracy. This usually improves the whole process by a large margin. The company doesn’t take much from your end as you don’t need to install any software. You simply need to upload the email list and check the flaws or threats instantly.

By using the email list cleaning services and verification, you get the following perks:

  • Avail more than 95 percent of accuracy on the verification process
  • Detect duplication, redundancy, DEA, and spam-trap
  • Verification of bulk emails together
  • Safeguard your data against the third party intervention

Concluding Note:

Email marketing has already embarked its foot in the B2B marketing space and requires an extra edge to make a difference. By collaborating with these email cleaning and verification service providing firms, you are certain to bring out the best response rate for your campaigns. We are hopeful the list of top 10 email verification and cleansing providers will ease your job and transform the overall campaign into a major success. Certainly, a great strategy will come in handy while the service provider does the best of its job.