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The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing Mailing List

How many of you have faced the challenge of buying the mailing lists?

We bet, many of you!!!

In a competitive world, where there are huge options, so are the difficulties in finding the exact one for your process. Now, if we sit down and analyze, then it’s actually not that challenging if you buckle up the right way.

You need to do your own research, have different mailing lists on a trial basis and check how it works for your organization. The more the results are streamlined, the better your campaign. And this way, you could inch closer to your desired and ultimate mailing list.

A best mailing list has all the necessary information required to connect with the prospect. Besides that, you should know that a good solution has the latest data.

Interesting fact:

Data might not perish like the vegetables and fruits but still data in the recent times has been reputed as one of the perishable items!!!

Think a moment, you referred an employee as a senior manager in an email, when actually he has been promoted to VP?

It would be an awkward scenario and would put you in a bad light.

The recipient might think you didn’t do enough research before reaching out to him. Thus, he wouldn’t be interested in a serious communication with you. First impression is the last impression, and one could actually see it here. You fail to leverage in your first reach out, leading to the communication breakdown. This is the aftermath of using the eroded data (information that has lost its relevance and leads you nowhere)

Acknowledge, a well-planned mailing list is a facilitator for many deal closures. You could actually sail safely through the storm. The solution helps connect via all channels making your approach easier and effective with the potential customers. The more support you get for your marketing campaign, the more likely you would get excellent business results.

What should be the DNA of the mailing list?

Let’s look forward to this question; a DNA defines the uniqueness of the inner core. It is the distinct identity of the mailing solution. You would have the requirements that would be different from others. Therefore, you need to have a mailing list that has the DNA matched with your business process.

Be very specific about your requirements:

You got to accept a broader set of requirements wouldn’t help. You should be very specific about your needs that would significantly help your process.

Know your data fields:

There would always be some crucial data fields that you can’t work without. While email address, contact number, name is common in the mailing list you would also require information beyond this. Verify what more information you need other than this generic information.

What exactly you would get:

Very often it is seen the things that are promised during the purchase of the mailing list are skipped during the delivery. This is the last thing you would have ever wished for. So, just list out how much missing data is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Having a brief plan on this could make your job easier.

Asking crucial questions to yourself:

You should have the answers to some crucial questions, before deciding to buy a mailing list.

What are those?

It is to know from where the data comes. The answer also helps understand the quality of the data. As known, there are many sources of collecting the data such as conferences, directories, company customer lists, public records and others; you need to understand which source is important and would give the information you need.

Acknowledge the same data could be invalid for you but important for the other, as per the collection source.

Moving onto the next part, to understand the direct mailing list. These mailing lists contain only the information such as the name, addresses, with that it also includes the age, gender, family size and other relevant information needed to develop the message and send it to the customers.

But, do you know there are different types of direct mailing lists?

Let’s discuss about the same, such as:

  • Business List
  • Occupant list
  • Consumer list

A business list concentrates on a specific industry and size. Whether the business comes under the manufacturing, financial, healthcare or other industries, this list takes care of that.

The occupant list is the collection of the addresses where you have to mail it such as to the specific household. This information is concentrated on a specific geographical area, and includes the generic details such as the city, Zip code, postal routes, and other location details.

The consumer list helps to connect every person in a specific area. It includes the same information such as the first name, last name, street address, country, city, Zip, state, and demographics of the customers.

Pricing of all of these mailing lists could vary as per the customization and other factors.

Let’s understand how to buy a mailing list?

You need to consider some of the essential steps before finalizing the best mailing list:

Find your audience:

If you don’t send the mail to the right audience then obviously it wouldn’t work. A generic mail could work for a broader audience but if you have a specific audience, then it is necessary to send mail to a narrower and accurate audience.

Cross-verify and see whether the mailing list has the information to get you connected with your audience.

Check your budget allocation:

You would be having specific budgetary requirements for your service. While quality services are important, but if it is more than what you require with a higher budget then you would be at a loss.

So, before purchasing the mailing list, look into this aspect as well. It would make your effort more result-oriented.

Find out if you need the help:

Some businesses look for help to get the right mailing list. That could be from anybody such as the brokers, compilers and list managers. If you think that could guide you in the long-run, then go for it!!!

But before that, you should know the pros and cons of purchasing the mailing list, whether from the compilers, mailing list companies or the brokers. The disadvantage of purchasing from the broker is that they wouldn’t be aware of your industry, so that they couldn’t offer you an accurate mailing list as per your needs.

Now let’s understand how the mailing list compilers and mailing list companies work.?

We would start with the Mailing List Compilers VS. Mailing List Companies.

Both offer the high-quality data, but still, there are huge differences between them.

The mailing list compilers are the businesses that develop the actual lists of the leads and are aware of where the information came from. They prefer to work mostly with the giant companies. This is not the case with the mailing list companies, and they could seamlessly work with all the businesses, be it small, mid-sized or large organizations.

The major con of the list compilers are their selection lists is very much limited and if there is any mishap in the process, then you would be the one to pay for the loss. But if you purchase the data from mailing list companies, you wouldn’t face this challenge.

The list compiler businesses often use the scraping techniques to collect the data, such as gathering the information from the online forums and many more.

Some of the top mailing list companies are:


The organization offers B2B data for the seamless lead generation process. You can connect to the prospect based on the target technology, healthcare base, IndustryReach, roleconnect, region focus, and others. The business data is developed with the 4th generation technologies such as the artificial intelligence, thus making the data a highly efficient and effective one. It also has the email ROI calculator where you can calculate the return on investment on your email campaign.


Hgdata has one of the competitive intelligence platforms for the lead generation process.  The company uses the next-generation technologies for accelerating the customer growth. Just as CEO of HGInsights, Elizabeth Cholaswky stated, ”We’ve always been an inventive company that find new ways to help customers stay a step ahead.”

It thus makes the effort more result-oriented.

Thomson Data

It offers the best technology solutions to the B2B customers across the world. The data is segregated based on the title, industry, segment, executives, and other factors. Besides connecting you with the large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, you can easily network with the smallest and relevant businesses. The communication with the right decision-maker via this prospect data gets your campaign on the right track.


The organization is the fastest growing technology solution provider. The mailing list offers both the technographic and firmographic data of the tech giants, small and medium-sized enterprises across the world. If you need the accurate B2B of any organization, then buying a mailing list from TDInsights could be one of the wise decisions of lifetime.


The business offers the verified B2B database for driving the growth. It has the built-in verification, and is considered as a leading provider in the high-quality business contacts. They have the real-time email verification process that means it checks whether the email is accurate on the spot. The other features are the email finder.


The organization offers one of the best data. The features of the solution are data accuracy, data coverage and the AI-enabled data.  It thus facilitates in the sales acceleration process. The different products of InsideView are InsideView Enrich, InsideView Target, InsideView Insights, InsideView Data Integrity. The marketing team is hugely benefitted from the high-quality mailing list.

D&B Hoovers

The company helps businesses accelerate the sales. It offers in-depth company insights and business intelligence solutions for driving the growth on the right track. Be it managing the accounts, or researching to find the best information about the companies, prospecting or others, the company manages to give all with the right efficiency. It has the data with the personalized buyer signal that helps in the accurate deal closure.


The organization offers high-end B2B marketing data, and is known for its quality solutions. It has the process where professionals dig deeper to take out the best information; the organization even claims to have the data that is actionable and relevant as per the market. The interesting service that the organization offers is that you can leverage the LinkedIn data for your benefit.

LinkedIn is a useful networking site for the B2B organizations. And ZoomInfo could provide the advantage of having an intelligent browser plugin. The company and contact data, help your marketing strategy and drive desired results for the organization.

Melissa Data

The company helps in the address verification, email verification, phone verification, and others. The brand offers the technology solutions such as data enhancement, data quality, data management and others.  It autocompletes the contact addresses and emails, provides the real-time verification, and also autofills the address fields that includes the ZIP code, city, state, and many more.

Validating the customer data and including efficiently in the mailing list is what the brand does rightly.


Find this information:

1 in every 3 business leaders frequently makes decisions based on the information they don’t have or they don’t trust.

You would surely not like to be one among them.

Make a plan of how you could have the data that is actually trustworthy. The top mailing list could fetch you the right revenue at the right time. Don’t get coaxed by the advertisements and make the best choice for your organization.

It could be easily done by analyzing different mailing lists and matching them with your budgetary requirements with other factors.

In this blog, we have filtered out some of the ultimate solutions for buying the mailing lists that you could look into. With the right implementation of this solution, get onto the right track.

Hope so everybody gets the answer for “How to get a mailing list?”

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