Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the need for every business. With cut-throat competition, it has become necessary for every organization across the world to analyze and implement the right tactic that could improvise their conversion rate, and increase the revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization Simplified

The conversion rate in the case of the website visitors means the number of visitors who have visited the website and the total number of converts from those visitors. Now, in this case, CRO or the conversion rate optimization means bringing improvement in that ratio by providing better user experience, improving the navigation across all the pages of the website, meeting the needs of the customer, motivating them to take the right action, etc.

As a business, it is crucial to have the conversion optimization process at the right place, so that you earn good revenue.  A report even stated that businesses using the right conversion optimization tactics witnessed a return on investment of 7%.

Below we would be discussing some useful tactics that could increase your conversion rate exponentially within a short period:

  • Captivating the audience with killer content:

An entertaining and knowledgeable content is what most of the users look for. So, if you can craft the content that keeps the audience hooked, then you are on the right path. You have the responsibility of creating content that not only revolves around your business but also around the industry. The approach would help you win the trust of your consumer and improve the rate of conversions in the future.

The essential points to consider while developing creative content are:

  • Using the right keywords
  • Keeping the copy clean
  • Including the right images and videos
  • Removing the unnecessary elements from the content
  • The king of all actions, CTA:

CTA, as we know, helps the audience to understand the next step they have to take after reading the entire content. Design it with the right color, shape and size so that the right attention goes to it.

The CTA that worked in one campaign might not work in the next campaign. So, analyze which CTA has to be used as per the subject line, content, and the design of the page. One of the brands, Huemor, created the content with the CTA that mentioned “Do not press.”

Don’t you think, when you mention” Do not press,” people would be motivated to press the button? However, it’s not an extraordinary line but a smart approach to guide the audience on the path to conversion.


  • Optimizing for different platforms:

In the current times, it has become absolutely necessary to optimize the pages across all the available platforms.

Just as you know, optimization means attaining near to perfection; you should cross-check all the pages with the trial and error methods. When you understand where exactly you lack in the core functionalities, then you can improve the pages to increase the rate of conversions.

On an average, the conversion rate of a B2B site is around 2.5%.

So, if you are nowhere near to that, you have to find out the reason and fix it.

  • Use hyper-personalization:

Hyper-personalization is the latest buzz-word in marketing. Hyper-personalization has come into the foray, as marketers try to understand their potential customers with more information. The technique helps to target the customer with the content that is interesting and helpful for them. Hyper-personalization can also be termed super-personalization where the data of the customer is sub-segmented further to develop the strategy that would hit the bull’s eye.
The below diagram shows up some of the elements of hyper-personalization:

Hyper Personalization
The selection of the audience is one of the crucial elements of hyper-personalization. When you do not know your audience on a complete level, you cannot expect to improve the conversion rate.

Find a list of actions that would help in hyper-personalization:

  • By personalizing the website aligned with the behavior of the customer
  • Using customer’s behavior to connect with them instantly
  • Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation has been integrated into the processes of various B2B organizations across the world. The technology takes over the iterative tasks that do not require any creativity or logical thinking. The best part is that it makes the process more effective and result-oriented within a short time. With the help of marketing automation, you can send well-timed, well-designed welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, etc.

As per a report, almost 58.6% of US shoppers have abandoned the cart. This is a huge number that needs to be addressed.

The top reasons for customers abandoning it are:
Cart Abandonment

As it is seen here, almost 50% of the customers who abandoned the cart stated extra costs was the major reason for not completing the purchase, followed by 28% stating that the site had the mandatory process of creating the account, which they were not comfortable with. The crucial point is that 21% of the shoppers abandoned because the process was too long and complicated. If you are an e-commerce organization, this will hurt you, knowing that you lost a customer only because of your mind-boggling shopping procedure.

All the above reasons could be analyzed and later used to develop automated emails where they could eliminate the process of creating the account and provide offers to these customers to increase sales and boost revenue.

  • A/B Testing:

A/B testing cannot be ignored at any point. As the web customers become more demanding across the world, marketers should check how two variants of the same web page performs. The process is highly needed if one wants to optimize the conversion rate. A/B testing helps the teams across the marketing department to make the useful changes to enhance the user experience. The testing constructs the precise hypothesis that facilitates optimizing the pages and increasing the conversion.

It follows the process like collecting the data, identifying the goal, generating the hypothesis, creating variations, running experiments, and analyzing results. Find the below image to check what A/B testing does:A/B Testing
Take the example of a B2B organization, that want to increase the number of leads along with improving the quality of leads; they can carry out A/B testing on the content , headline of the blog, the images used, CTA, and others so that it would optimize the conversion rate. Do the testing one at a time so that you can find which has a major impact on the performance of the conversion rate. You can immediately check the behavior of the user; if it shows positive results, then you can use the same headline or content, if negative can improvise further to accelerate  the conversion rate. The A/B testing is helpful for different industries such as the media company, e-commerce organization, travel company, technology businesses, and others.


Conversion rate optimization is the need of the hour, as pandemic shatters the business order across the world. The more experiments you execute, the more you become aware of the tactics that work for your business process.

The above blog has some of the best and useful ones that can help you in the process. So, implement the right one to generate excellent business results at the targeted time.