Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday is around the corner!!!

And, it’s a fact the season makes both marketers and customers happy.

While customers buy new products, marketers sell more to reach the target.

So, how to make the strategy(win-win) for both?

Marketers pondering over the best ideas should acknowledge that they need to keep it relevant to the current times. We all know Pandora’s box is opened, and the world is facing huge challenges on both the economic and health front. Any promotional ideas that are too loud do not make sense during these times.

Some of the email templates that would grab the eyeballs of your customer but in a subtle way are:

Wicked email template:

Halloween Email Template
Halloween celebration is a reminder to all the holidays.  The day brings smiles to the faces of young and old alike.

In this template, one can see how the marketer has designed the wicked treats for Halloween.

Mozart, the chocolate liquor company based out of Austria, showcases its unique flavored liquor- the pumpkin spiced chocolate complemented with the sprinkle of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and others. Given the offerings of the brand, the type of content perfectly fits here.

The brand has the teasing content; it also makes the audience want for more such special treats.

Email template to show gratitude:

Thanksgiving means showing gratitude to the almighty for the abundance bestowed upon you. Many in the world live on meager earnings and do not have the luck to enjoy the luxuries of life, and this is the day to be thankful for all you have.
Thanksgiving email template
The email shows how one can uniquely design the template for this holiday with the right combination of colors. The bright orange color signifies the excitement that is associated with this festival. As a marketer, one can profusely use it while designing these templates.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

christmas email template
Human beings have always longed for togetherness. The catchy line “From our family to yours,” symbolizes the essence of social living. People want to eat together, dance together, enjoy together and many more.

In this email template, the marketer conveyed the same aligned with the holiday mood of Christmas. The brand even thanked their customer for being loyal, which is the best time to do so. And in the end, they passed on the right marketing message of a 20% discount.

Black Friday, not a somber but a colorful one:

While the festival is known as Black Friday, it is a joyful and most awaited holiday. People go out on frenzied shopping as business owners slash the prices. Every marketer wants to utilize this opportunity to outreach a good number of prospects rightly.
black friday email template
The brand showcases its quality products by offering 20% cashback on each of the purchases. It’s a tempting offer which very few can ignore!!!!

Bye-Bye 2020, welcome 2021:

As everybody wishes 2020 to end soon, the new year templates could be as exciting for the next year.
new year email template
This template has some of the best components of a well-designed new year email. The message, the tone, the simple and sober color for a great year ahead shows the optimistic nature of the brand.

Go with the flow (The exotic one):

Cyber Monday Email Template
The email templates for Cyber Monday showcases some of the exotic products for sale. With many customers looking for new products, these email templates offer them some real and beautiful products as if from far away land. The offer of a 20%-40% discount is the best thing that any customer could wish for!!!

Reminder email template:

After making a great show, if the customer forgets about your offer then it could tank your marketing effort.

Plan the strategy to design one email template for holidays and the other one for reminding customers on the same.
Reminder email template
The brand, Taza Chocolate, based out of Massachusetts, USA, did the same by sending last-minute emails to its customers. The catchy line procrastinator alert makes the emails more interesting to read.

The free shipping offer is the next best thing that any customer could afford to ignore.

Holiday emails for small businesses:

Holiday Email Templates
“Be part of something bigger,” “support a worthy cause,” “the spirit of giving,” “every dollar can make a difference,” and “your gift is priceless,” are some of the best lines to be included in this holiday email templates.

While it might not be something very commercial but these templates celebrate the holiday spirit by giving.

The marketers did a wonderful job of evoking the right emotion among the recipients. In the current times, it seems more relevant and useful for both the marketers and the readers.  People have become more empathetic and willing to help others.


Holidays give you the perfect escape to start your life afresh!!!

Every marketer should see this as an opportunity and remarket their product or service to customers. Acknowledge, when the customer is hopeful for the future, they ought to spend more.

So, design the email templates that quash all the sufferings this year, and offer a ray of hope to your customers.