Multilingual Email-Marketing

Imagine personalization. It’s not about using the first name or last name on an email. It is about the right content. In the early 2000s, email was the most common mode of online communication. Whether it was for official or personal use, the agenda of emails was always clear, messages conveyed with just the right tone, and a catchy CTA would suffice.

“Talking to customers is one thing, but speaking to them in their language is another”

In the global world, the best way to approach a customer is through speaking their language. In the past, brands have successfully used email marketing to target the prospects and convert them into solid leads. The real trouble begins when you need to de-clutter your brand’s message from your competitor’s.

“Languages are ironic, they limit you and yet set your brand free”

Languages play a crucial role in conveying a message. To create a big difference in the market, you need to consider changing your email marketing approach. A multilingual messaging has a farther reach than your imagination and here’s why;

  1. A profitable markup

What is the first rule of email marketing? To write an email with 5 qualities in mind;

  • Add value
  • Good story
  • Brevity
  • Timing
  • Segmented

Email written in any language will comprise of the above-mentioned qualities. According to statistics, the majority of internet users are non-English speakers. Being the brand owner, you can relate your brand message in multi-languages to target the right audience. Sending an email in different languages will expand your audience reach. So if you are serious about improving your sales, you need to translate the content as per language. Look beyond “English” and start translating the emails in various languages, localize it accordingly, and hit send.

  1. Drives traffic to the website

The translation is not mathematical, but it is not easy either. There is no shortcut to translate content. However, using the right translation tools makes the process easier and faster. To overcome the language problem, you need translation services that can make your email’s content more reader-friendly and genuine in the native language.

To reach an international customer, you must adhere to their native tongue, which is why investing in translation services will always matter. Email translation ensures effective communication, represents the company’s style, promotes the brand image as well as creates multilingual marketing content. This strategy will drive traffic from emails to the website, increase your sales, and also boost the conversion rate.

  1. Conversion rates are better

Did you know almost 98% of consumers check their emails regularly? Even if it’s with the intention of deleting the spams, a user always gets in touch with their old and new emails. People who are habitual of buying online products are marketed through emails at most times. It is estimated that people who get emails about new products (a regular subscription) tend to buy online more than an unsubscribed user.

Imagine if the email was in Spanish for a native user? That would be a deal-breaker in an email marketing campaign. If you think social media users are not influenced by emails, then think again. People value personal attention by the brands. A translated email will convey the “personal attention” factor, reaching the audience three times faster generating more sales.

  1. Credible business relations

What does an online user look for when reading an email? How well the email is structured or how the company is conveying the message?

It goes both ways. If an email is well-structured, easy to read then the message will be conveyed. As a company, you must be able to build trust with your customer. They must see you as a credible source of the service provider. So what is the most common thing to do if you want to grow your email list?

Put a multi-language option on your website as more people join up. You can even set an automation email too, but it’s best to personalize the emails in multi-languages. This will grasp the attention of users, and make them realize that the company is a reliable source and not a fraud by any means.

  1. Captivate the audience

As an internet user, you probably get hundreds of emails regularly, right? How many of those emails do you click on? As a marketer, your main job is ensuring your email is noticed and not considered as “junk”. The visual and context of each email are what makes your email marketing campaign successful.

Even sending a newsletter in your emails must include appealing images that are beautiful, appealing, and culturally appropriate too. This gives the oomph factor to the email, too. To catch the recipient’s attention, dynamic content can also be focused on the form of AMP emails. Making emails more memorable and exciting is a must. A multilingual newsletter will target audiences in various native markets. So it goes without saying that multilingual emails can have a high potential to captivate the audience.

  1. Keep the audience in the loop

An email can be easily sidetracked if it’s unable to garner the attention of the consumer. A non-English speaker may read an email written in English up to 100 words and will lose track of information rather easily. On the other hand, a multilingual email (especially the follow-up email) is a success as it offers the right reasoning, offers, and other pieces of information that help a reader to understand the next process.

Act like a smart marketer, tackle your readers with a multilingual email campaign. A well-designed and localized email is bound to be recognized among all the junk mail. The audience needs to be reminded of why you value them as a company and what else do you have to offer them in the long run. A multilingual email is an appropriate way to let your readers recognize your efforts to stay in touch with them.


Email marketing is a one-to-one communication tool for the online world of marketers and consumers. Digital marketers can use multilingual emails to their advantage with the help of relatable translation services that offer a great quality of translated emails. Multilingual email marketing is a powerful tool that is used appropriately.