Advertising Agencies

The advertising agencies are growing at a rapid rate. Many startups have forayed into the market and are providing quality services, but the major hurdle what they face is the potential customers are not aware of their services. This is a loss of opportunity, and if the organization is providing quality service, then customers are also missing out on these quality services for their benefit.

As an organization, you should hire the right advertising agency that could help connect with the best prospects across the world. Find some of the best advertising agencies below:

  • 72andSunny: 72andSunny, the advertising agency based out of Los Angeles, has offices in Singapore, Amsterdam, Sydney, New York. The agency came into existence in 2004. It provides world-class advertising services that promote the services and products of an organization. The agency provided advertising services to Samsung, which was one of the reasons for Samsung overtaking Apple in most number of sales.
  • ThreeSixtyEight: Just as the name sounds funky, the agency offers innovative and effective advertising services to organizations. In the year 2011, the agency came into existence, and is based out of Los Angeles. The agency offers unique digital marketing services, social media marketing, SEO, and branding. It even redesigned the website for a government agency, which was later appreciated by them. The client even witnessed a 50% growth in web traffic after the redesigning process.
  • Leo Burnett: It was founded in The agency is based out of Chicago. Leo Burnett believes in combining the technology, data, and creativity to attract more customers to the brand. Apart from United States of America, it provides services in different countries across the world, such as Ireland, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, and others.
  • Spire Agency: The agency’s main focus is to create the right brand awareness among the customers. The rules it follows are to combine the strategy and creativity the right way to make a unique experience for the customer. The major services provided by the agency are brand research, development of the brand, and web development. The other crucial service is growth planning, where the agency helps in the right strategy to enter into a new market or an entirely new line of business. By adding the customer insights with the best content, the agency helps you connect with the prospect.
  • BrandTuitive: BrandTuitive advertising agency has some of the best marketing services. It offers advertising, branding, and marketing strategy, the one-in-all package. The agency’s out-of-the-box thinking propels the organization to drive more sales and revenue. It was started with two important objectives, delivering beyond expectations to the clients, creating an agency where people are heard.
  • MeanPug Digital: This advertising agency serves all, the mid-sized, small and large enterprises. The services mainly focus on the digital marketing, digital transformation, software development, and advertising. The world-class services meet the needs of organizations rightly. It handles the full product lifecycle of major brands. The organization, founded in 2010, believes in powerful strategic thinking and creativity. The agency has served non-profit organizations, coffee processing companies, cloud-based POS companies, and others with an exceptional approach.
  • A4B: The advertising agency is a boutique digital marketing agency with experts to offer various marketing services such as content marketing, PPC, crowd marketing, SEO optimized content, competitive research, and others. They help in the right adwords strategy, marketing through analytics, context advertising, social media marketing, etc. A4B was founded in 2012, and since then it has been providing valuable services to small, medium-sized and large enterprises.
  • Sagon-Phior: Sagon-Phior, an advertising agency, helps organizations with creative and compelling content. The content is built around with a story-telling style so that it hits the right chord with the customer; the majority of the customers could be engaged with this tactic. The other services that it offers are digital marketing, branding, integrated marketing, and PR.
  • Ogilvy: Ogilvy was founded in 1948. The advertising agency helps convert the brand into a memorable real-time experience. The agency has around 132 offices spread out in 83 countries. The high-end services provided by the agency helps organization outsmart its competitors. It offers creative marketing services to cut through the noise and make the right impact in the market. The agency has worked with high-end organizations such as Dove, IBM, and American Express. The agency is highly focused on the areas, such as digital transformation, brand strategy, public relations, and customer engagement.
  • GS&P: It is a highly-creative agency offering unique services to organizations. We are in a business world, where we need to be always on toes to think-out-of-the box for the right marketing strategy, GS&P helps the organization develop the mass intimacy among the customer with an out-of-the box style. The customer gets attracted to the brand as they find the services meeting their expectations. GS&P is located in San Francisco, and has won many awards that include bonze lion for Comcast.
  • Leap Group: Leap Group advertising agency offers data-driven and customer-centric services for an enticing customer journey. It has worked with clients such as Hershey’s, Health Care, Burnett’s Vodka, Premier Health, John Frieda, Mentos, Johnson &Johnson, and others. Their advertising services include social media marketing, video marketing, branding, package designing, etc. Their marketing strategy develops a 360-degree marketing plan to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Deksia: Deksia is one of the top branding companies in USA. It offers digital marketing services, branding, marketing strategy to organizations looking for specialized services. It help organizations to increase sales and drive exponential growth. They have facilitated B2B organizations on the right path with the best marketing services. Deksia offers a streamlined approach for the organization by providing the right sales engine to generate the right business results. There would be not only creative work but the strategy to get the real-time results.


Advertising agencies exist to provide quality services to organizations. One has to choose the best advertising services aligned with their requirements and budget to reap the desired business results. If you could find the accurate one, then no one can stop you from achieving the sweet success and be a leader in the industry.

With the cut-throat competition, organizations need the assistance of these advertising agencies to showcase their USP in a creative way, and if an organization is offering the niche services, then it becomes essential to hire the right services from the advertising agency to be visible to the audience.