Lead Generation

Generating leads has never been a piece of cake and it has become alot more challenging amid the COVID-19 period, since we are meant to be shut in our houses. There is no doubt that this is entirely for the sake of our good. Hence, we have to come up with more innovative ways of generating leads that too with the restrictions of being at our homes.

Actually, on a larger scale, marketing experts need to brainstorm through digital ideas that can survive in the long run of digitization, because clearly it isn’t getting outdated anytime soon.

So, we poked through ample options that are digitally accessed in order to bring you the best 16 methods. These are not only result-oriented but most of them are cost-effective too.

  1. Guest Blogging: Irrespective of the fact that you are associated with B2B or B2C organization, the chances are high that you are going to hit your target audience which is the ultimate goal of any service provider. The more you are around your target audience, the more exposure your services or products will receive.
    Guest posts basically include creating a blog and then getting it posted on the third party website. This serves immense benefits for the SEO and hence is one of the most accepted and practiced methods of gaining leads virtually.
  1. Gated Content: By investing in gating content you can easily convince the users or potential audience. This makes lead conversion quite an easy task. In simpler words, gated content means premium content like the ones that are seen in the newspapers and e-books. This also includes the software tool that is provided for free when the users provide their email address. In this way, you are generating a lead by offering them free access to a service. This will work only if the quality of the content is quite high.
  1. Video Marketing: We all are completely aware of the fact that we spend a large chunk of total hours on platforms like Youtube and Instagram where we come across millions of videos. This is the prominent reason due to which the marketers are investing in video making. Videos are outranking the texts and are becoming the most engaging form of marketing management that can work as an alternate for lead generation too. The types of videos that work the best are the ones that include tutorials, reviews, or guide. These are generally categorized as educational or instructional videos.
  1. Podcasts: Podcasts help the target audience to listen to your content on the go, which is the best part since they do not have to spare extra minutes to sit down and listen. They can do it on their daily commute to the gym or office, hence approaching a large number of your target audience. In each of the podcasts of the series, one can cover distinct topics, issues and serve them with solutions and guidance. This way they will feel connected and you can establish a reliable bond. To gain leads, the podcaster asks for emails or phone numbers to give access to the podcast.
  1. Google pay per click advertising: This is undoubtedly the most result-oriented way, provided you know how to utilize this resource without spending a rain shower of money. As per this, the advertiser has to pay a pre-decided amount to Google on every click. Now, this can be a complete flop if you are not targeting the right keywords and platforms to set your advertisements. By focusing on the appropriate and relevant keywords with a high conversion rate, one can bring immense traffic to the website.
  1. Influencer Outreach: Influencers can use their profiles to promote your services and products. This way, you get to exposure to their audience which can bring you leads. This is an expensive method, but the ROI is high as it is one of the most practical methods to impress and persuade the target audience.
  1. eBooks: eBooks can help you generate thousands of leads as they are one of the most persuasive methods of bringing the audience to your website. By regularly creating fresh content and adding call-to-action buttons,you can expect high traffic. You must brainstorm to pick the best topics. Ensure that the topics are relevant and relatable. Also, understand that there could be a difference in what you want them to read and what they actually want to read. So, always go for the latter one if you want leads.
  1. Downloadable Guides: Guides can be extremely easy to make if you are already having blogs or eBooks because all that you need to do is compile them and create a short go-to guide for the users. Once you have successfully scored new leads at your disposal, you can go ahead and start putting together all of your best guides and eBooks.
  1. Host webinars: You can host webinars independently or collaborate with other brands that are related to your niche (non-competing ones). You basically have to hunt through the brands that share the same target audience as you so that you can mutually benefit each other with your respective audience. This way, you can also share the list of clients that you are already in touch with.
    You can execute the cold mailing process along with mailing the existing clients to generate fresh leads. Other than that, the digital marketing team should create the buzz over all the platforms where you expect your target audience in abundance.
  1. Online classes: The uniqueness of online classes is the idea and freedom to deliver the content using various formats that you can use to connect with the audience. You must understand the needs of your target audience and bring them exactly what they are keen to learn. For this, you can make a list of potential topics and take online polls on what they want to learn. This way, you can acquire their phone numbers and email addresses. Plus, you have great opportunities for selling your ideas in the class itself so that they come to you directly.
  1. Email marketing: Some people consider this as an outdated way of marketing, but till date, it is one of the most effective ways of scoring new leads virtually. The most advantageous point about email marketing is that it is ubiquitous since everyone owns an email id and that remains unchanged for a good long time.
  1. Landing page optimization: By learning about the basics of landing page and working to optimize its performance, one can find an abundant number of leads. But,plan your optimization technique before handedly. Make your page design a bit simple and easily accessible for the audience, strategizing the call-to-action initials simple and clear.
  1. Copy and paste templates: This can be a great initiative for lead generation. Successful usage of templates makes it go fantastic in a B2B organization. These templates serve as a great source as they solve problems in the best possible manner. However, you need to determine the right kind of copy paste templates.
  1. Create a Course: Providing online courses are a particularly unique idea for lead generation. For the target audience, it may offer a wide variety of satisfaction and understanding for a subject or many. Thus, thoughts will be crystal clear then. The proliferation of course hosting platforms can be a good help for the near future. Undoubtedly, the workflow of delivering the content will also increase, serving the audience in less time and benefitting in terms of knowledge.
  1. Connect with the audience on platforms such as LinkedIn: Using LinkedIn sharply with regards to all the ethics and format of how to use it can be a great source to get concept-driven thoughts and LinkedIn generating leads. Also, this platform serves as a great initiative to connect to similar kinds of people. You can get many leads concerned in the same context. The direct chat option is a wider evolution in LinkedIn, which will be a great option to explore new things for the same.
  1. Adding to Social Communities: Quora and some similar platforms like it are a source to generate leads in abundance. The reason behind this is, particular same group/ community finds a different space from others. So, queries relating to a particular topic or subject can be solved on quora, as it consists of questions and answers. Posting questions and answers relating to a subject with inbounding links to refer and, etc will be best for generating leads for the same purpose.