Landing page simplified

It is the page on the website where the visitors come to see the offerings of the brand so that they can purchase it. There are many types of landing pages, such as click-through landing pages, viral landing pages, lead capture landing pages, and others. All of the landing pages aim to provide a unique experience to the customer. It inculcates the best impression on the minds of the customer for increased conversions.

As a marketer, you have to develop the landing page that not only attracts the attention of the prospect but also helps increase conversions. We would be discussing more about the landing page and the landing page best practices in this blog.

An ideal landing page defined:

The landing page optimization process eliminates the following:

  • Bad headlines
  • CTAs that are unprofessional and unconvincing
  • Unimpressive design
  • Content that is not persuasive
  • Having too many distractive features
  • Too complicated

You need to introspect and find the challenge that is hampering your conversion rate. For example, you can check the below image, to see the huge difference between a home page and a landing page:

landing pageImage source:

Check the 2nd image, the information is clear and concise. It exactly conveys the right message so that the prospect can move on to the next stage of conversion. While on the home page, detailed information is provided about the products, service; on the landing page, the best and precise information is sorted out to be included on the page. The approach is helpful as the audience does not get distracted by the cluttered information all over the page. The process helps increase conversions.

An ideal landing page should be persuasive, functional, intuitive, accessible, and usable. It should motivate the prospect to purchase the service or product. Now, you cannot force the visitor to purchase your product or service, while you can convince them of the benefits your service would provide to them, as you can see in the above landing page where it mentions the lightweight and powerful commuter bike.

Let’s move on to what exactly is an optimization of the landing page?

Optimization of landing page means enhancing every element on the landing page to improve the conversion ratio. The point to be noted here is one cannot optimize the landing page from the first day itself when the website goes live. It has to be analyzed every day to pick the right signal where one is going wrong and further improvising it.

Further, you have to track the website behavior, as it can facilitate optimizing the landing page to increase conversions.

As per a finding, the average conversion rate of the ideal landing pages across different industries is 2.35%.

So, if you are not achieving that rate, then improvise your landing page, which is called landing page optimization.

What are the best practices that need to be followed for designing the best landing page?

Consider some essential things for making the right one, such as:

  • Simple landing page: The designing of the landing page is very crucial. You should know when you have the page that is easily comprehensible by the audience, then they would check more content on the website, thus increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Keeping the CTA straightforward: Do not put too many CTAs on a single page. This could ward off the visitors. A short, and simple CTA that draws the attention of the audience with a straightforward message can help in the right conversion.
    You should acknowledge, CTAs are meant for getting the desired action from the visitors, never make it complicated. The audience should immediately notice it and go forward!!!
  • Using the right combination of colors: Pleasant colors are soothing for the eyes. When you include the right combination of colors, visitors would be motivated to stay on the page for a longer time. You might think right content on the page is a key tactic to keep the visitors for a longer time, but colors have a subconscious impact on the minds of the visitors.
    Find the below image:

    landing page colors wheelImage source:

    As you can see, it is mentioned which all colors could be used as a primary color, as a secondary color, and as tertiary on the landing pages.

  • Trying varied headlines: Different headlines add variety to the page, but keep in mind in an attempt to make the page interesting, you should not end up developing a complex landing page. As you might have heard,” Too many cooks spoil the soup.” Adding a lot of varied headlines could result into an awful page that nobody would like to read.
  • Having visual data reports: Data reports that have visual images help boost the conversion rate. Every visitor loves the content where they can understand the whole subject in the visual form. It saves their time, and also triggers the desired action from them.
  • Being consistent throughout the website: Consistency is the key while optimizing the landing page. For example, you should check the proper alignment of the page, any form of misalignment could leave a bad impression. It would hamper your brand image and significantly impact the credibility of your service. The majority of the audience would think if you are not serious about the quality of your landing page then you would also not be serious providing quality service to them.
  • Having a systematic A/B testing process: A/B testing popularly known as split testing is executed by many marketers to check the effectiveness of their marketing approach on the email content, websites, and others. Different consumers have different preferences, so you need to regularly conduct A/B testing to check the preferences of your consumer. Conduct one variant of testing such as checking the performance of a headline, or checking the content in another variant, etc.
  • Adding the testimonials at the right place: Testimonials are the statements by the clients that promote your service. So, make a point of adding the testimonials at the right place of the landing page that would increase the conversion rate. Just as the business saying, “Being at the right place at the right time,” a testimonial when included at the right place of the landing page could accelerate the sales within a short time.
    Never let any testimonial go waste, as you toiled hard to maintain a good relationship with the customer and gather the best testimonials after the process. Put the best spotlight and churn out the expected sales from it.

    Find the below example:

    customer testimonial pageImage source:

    As you see, you can add such testimonials below the content of your landing page to grab many eyeballs.

  • Developing contents of different types and lengths: There are many types of content that can be included in the website page, but as this is a landing page, you have to be very careful in developing the content that does not deviate from the crucial message. It should be professional, and crafted the right way, suitable for the landing page. You can try varied forms of lengths to develop the landing page content.


A landing page is the right arsenal for any organization to increase sales. If not developed the right way, it could make your marketing effort futile. So, adopt the right tactic of optimizing landing pages and increase sales. The above points can help your marketing process flow in the right direction at the right time.