Customer Feedback

Want a simple recipe for flawlessly competitive tuning for 2020 that doesn’t require investment?

Close the feedback loop with your customers and improve by relying on it. No one will point you to problems in your business as clearly as your customer. That is why, it is important to know how to get feedback from the customer right now (without leaving the cash desk), or as soon as possible.

But how do you know if a customer is satisfied?

And if in any case, the customer is dissatisfied, then with what exactly, and how can this be fixed?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you!! Set up a customer feedback app. In fact, very few bother about this, and very in vain. Because it is the customer:

  • who tell you what you are doing wrong
  • express what does not suit your product or service
  • indicate strengths
  • helps to identify dishonest employees

You can constantly grow and improve just by listening to customers. Your competitors who do not do this will be far behind.

Our intention behind this article is to show you how the customer feedback is successful for your business and what are the ways that allow you to get it from them.

Different Feedback Types

First and foremost, let’s see how your customers can give feedback. Each of these types requires a different effort from the customer.


The buyer or customer photographs the product or the result of your work. It is the photo that clearly shows what is good or bad and is direct proof of his words.

It’s not so difficult to take a photo – everyone has a smartphone with a high-quality camera. But on verification, it turns out that rarely does any customer want to give feedback at all, and even more so with photos. Therefore, you need to come up with some kind of procedure to push the customer to catch a photo.


Here, the situation is the same as with the photo. But, the differentiation is in the way that the customers can make the video on any process of assembling or disassembling the products, or some other services you are providing. Usually, this varies from one company to another company.

It is up to you to give the best service to gain satisfied customers. There is a trick; offer some value to the customer to delight them.


Text feedback is easiest. But, here you do not need to require the customer to write a lot (and expect that they will write a lot). On an all, it is the most likely way to get feedback.

As an example from “antiquity”: a book of complaints and suggestions, which can be seen in any cafe or restaurant. There are other types of feedback: telephone conversation, personal meeting, audio recordings – but they are not used so often, and not in all areas they can be applied.

Prominent Ways to Get Customer Feedback

Knowing the criticality of the customers, you must be wondering how to get feedback from the customer?

People are reluctant to contact, even if they like everything. They say much more actively if they are dissatisfied with something. And then, they will rather go talk about you on social networks, than hence, your company’s reputation will abate.

You need to arrange work with customers in such a way that they know that they can contact you in any case – if they are satisfied and if there are problems. Show that you are ready to communicate with customers, that the opinion of each of them is important to you. And ask customers for feedback.

Surely, within 24 hours after the purchase, and even better – immediately after its execution. Below we have defined the best ways that you can follow to get the customer’s feedback. Check it out:

Social Surveys and Special Topics for Feedback

Facebook is one of the leading social media handles. Also, it is easiest to contact people in their “natural habitat”.

Do you have a group on a social network?

Facebook allows everyone to rate the company and write a review. Also, you can create a discussion in which each client can write their feelings about working with you.

How to collect and publish reviews on Instagram

Other than Facebook, Instagram has also gained popularity. Grateful customers (equally angry) can even simply write on the wall and share their opinions. To carry out:

Collect Ratings by Email or In-app

Invite customers to rate your service. Send an e-mail or message in the application request to evaluate your service. You can do this through messengers.

Messengers for Business

Do not make a large rating scale. One to five is more than enough, where 1 is bad, 5 is very good. So, do not be greedy and play smartly!!

Call Your Customers

Yes, you got us right!! Allowing customers to give feedback only when they had the service is best.

Usually, those companies who have the Robot system allow them to call the customers and hint “Press 1 if you liked everything, Press 2 if you are not satisfied with the service”.

After knowing the feedback, you can call the person and specify whether the customer has commented on you, on the goods, on delivery. Maybe the customer has some suggestions.

Offer to Fill Out a Form

Questioning is the easiest way to get feedback. The questionnaire can be sent by e-mail or offered to fill out a paper when contacting the company office.

Do not tire the client, do not ask a lot of questions. 3-5 is enough, and check that the answer to each can be given within one minute.

Complaints and Suggestions Book

It is an old proven way to get customer feedback. Only if you really want to receive it, the book should be in a conspicuous place, and not lonely hiding somewhere in the far corner of an office, shop or cafe. Of course, this is an option for an offline business.

Feedback Form on the Website

This method does not need to get hidden. Let everyone write whatever they want to about the services they are experiencing.

Usually, it is on the contact page. But, you can also make a separate section with reviews on the website, and place a feedback form on this page. Allow the customers to conveniently write whatever they want to.

Personal Meetings

This is a format for the B2B sphere, and it is best to set up a personal meeting with those customers and partners with whom you have been working for a long time. Remember that the time and place of a personal meeting should be comfortable for your customer.

You can safely use several options for receiving feedback. The main thing is to determine what is important for you at the moment: to evaluate the manager’s work, delivery speed, product packaging, or is it better to know the customer’s wishes?

Then you can easily decide which method of communication with the client to choose. For example, if you have questions with the work of a manager, a rating scale for satisfaction is suitable, and if you want to receive offers and find out a customer, a questionnaire.

Concluding Remarks

You and only you can decide how to get feedback from your customers.

Remember that it should be convenient for the customers to contact you, and leaving feedback should not take him much time.

Best of all – provide several choices to the customer.

All feedback, recommendations, suggestions, and complaints that you receive, it is important to process and analyze on time.

Complaints need to be reacted with lightning speed and a solution proposed. To do everything so that the customers, as a result, are satisfied.

Recommendations and suggestions should be checked for viability, and to thank the customers if the proposal is really valuable and worthwhile – perhaps even with some kind of bonus.

And always thank the customer for any feedback!!

Hopefully, this piece of information is valuable to you. If you have some doubts then let us know in the comment section below.

Also, if you have more related information then share that as well. Your engagement will be highly appreciable. Thanks for reading!!