Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation has become an integral part of the marketing process in every small business. With every marketer, looking to make the process more streamlined and effective, marketing automation helps marketers achieve the same and give desired results to small businesses.

So, how is email marketing automation helping the overall approach?

These emails help to make personalized communication with the prospect, send automatic emails to the prospect as per their behavior, help companies segment the data based on the preferences, and others.

The overall result of integrating marketing automation is gaining better business results. Many small businesses were apprehensive about integrating marketing automation in their process, but after the successful implementation, they could see the positive results in a short time.

In this blog, we would see how email marketing automation is helping small businesses:

  • Making the new subscribers comfortable:

The current sales cycle has become too unpredictable and is taking a longer time. In such a scenario, the marketer has to build the right relationship with the prospect so that they would purchase their service in the future.

How could they do this?

It is very simple; motivate them to subscribe for your email list before asking them to purchase any of your services. This way you could have regular communication with them, and in the future, after a successful stint of providing quality service, you can motivate the subscriber to become your high-valued paying customer. The automated email campaign has a huge role to play in this process as it can send the best emails at the right time.

  • Collating the right feedback:

As you know, a right feedback can help anyone outperform, so is the case with a small business or with any B2B organization. As a growing business, you would surely like to know how popular your product or service is among the customers. So, ask them to give their honest opinion; here, with the help of email marketing automation emails are sent to the customers who would reply back.

Customer FeedbackImage source:

In the above image, as seen,the feedback can be taken in the form of a survey, where asking varied questions could extract the right thoughts from the minds of the customer. You must know many times customers fake the survey just to avoid further questions from the customer service representative. So, make the survey easy and tactful enough to source the right information and strengthen your relationship with the customer. It’s even better for your service, as if you have any shortcomings you can improvise it. This would elevate the customer experience and accentuate your brand service.

Find another example:

MooseJaw Customer FeedbackImage source:

Some customers who would not take the survey if not offered something in return. The above example of the email could motivate the customer to take the survey and help your small business to improve the revenue in return.

  • Renewal of the service:

A specific number of customers do complain of having not been informed of the expiry date of the service. They would also rant on how it caused inconvenience to them, thus putting the brand in a bad light. As a small and growing business, you would surely not like this to happen with your organization, here the integration of email marketing automation could mitigate the chances of such incidents.

The automated emails could shoot out at the right time to the inboxes of these customers and make life easier for you.

Find the below example:

godaddyImage source:

  • Wishing the customers on their birthday:

 Wishing birthdays to your customers!!!

 You should know that customers feel happy when you wish them on their birthdays, but you cannot remember the birthdays of all the customers.

Here automated emails come to your rescue.

birthday emailImage source:

The above one is a wonderful example of a birthday email that can be sent to the customer. A visual and appealing image can bring a smile on the face of your customer and make the right rapport with them. An ever-lasting relationship is what marketers and brands want with the customers, and automation of email helps you to achieve it the right way.

What can be added to the birthday email?

Birthday email to your customers can be both entertaining and professional. Tailor the content to target the audience with the right images, so that when the recipient opens the email he would be delighted, and would be receptive to your next email. Sending warm birthday wishes can make your customer happy and emotional.

  • Celebrated months and years of togetherness:

As a business, you should know that the years of togetherness with your customer matters a lot for the healthy growth of your organization. So, make it a mandatory practice of sending togetherness email every 6 months or after one year, just like celebrating an anniversary.

Birthday EmailsImage source:

Birthday emails help to increase the conversion rate. As per a finding, birthday emails help in a 481% higher conversion rate, even while compared to dedicated email shots.

  • Promoting the event:

With the expansion of the business, you would be promoting more events, webinars, meetups, and others. In such cases, email marketing automation could help you promote via emails.

Business customers like to receive and trust the information that is sent via email.

The below example is of a webinar invitation with a nice red CTA button.

Adweek webinar

With an attractive CTA button, the customer would surely be attracted to it. Small businesses need very good marketing approaches that could help them reach the target. Email marketing automation is one such practice that could make your marketing effort worthwhile.

  • Offering a discount to the customer:

All customers love discounts, and if a business wants to retain their customer then it is necessary that they offer discount, coupons to their loyal customers at specific intervals.

Find the below example:

Email Marketing CouponsImage source:

Shooting out frequent emails informing discounts, coupons, etc. with the help of automated emails can turn out very helpful for small businesses.

Email Marketing DiscountsImage source:

In the above example, you can check the statement “email exclusive, 30% off everything” this could act as the catching line for the recipient.

  • Sending the reminder email:

If you are a small service provider business, then you understand the importance of every business deal and how crucial is every old customer. You should never lose touch with your existing customer and send reminder email for any routine service which they take on a monthly basis, or every 2 months, etc.

In the above example, it is seen how the brand is reminding the customer that he has not signed into the HubSpot account for a while. It also states that the account will be deactivated if there is no activity within 120 days. The message would surely alert the recipient and prompt him to take action at earliest.


Email automation is here to make life easier for the marketers. The manual sending of emails has many disadvantages, like human errors of sending to the wrong recipient, and not sending at the best time. With an automated email campaign, you can eliminate all these chances and make your marketing process more result-oriented and effective.

The above blog has some interesting tactics that could be highly useful for many small businesses, so implement it to see the right results.