conversation rate optimization

What is conversion rate optimization?
Conversion rate is the percentage of conversions of the visitors who checked your website and executed the CTA as per your requirement. The conversion rate optimization means using the available techniques and resources to convert as much as visitors landing on the e-commerce website. The process also shows the quality of leads that marketers could attract to the website.

Conversions on an e-commerce website simplified
There are various processes through which conversions are made on an e-commerce website, such as:

  • Email signups
  • Through online sale
  • Through the social media share
  • When the user adds the product to the cart

As a marketer, you have to keep improving the conversion rate optimization process, to hit the target.
The industry standards of 1%-2% is considered as a good conversion rate for an e-commerce website.

But to reach that percentage and maintain it, requires a lot of hard work. You need to optimize the online store conversion rate continuously, and how do you do it?

      • By analyzing the past and present conversion rates
      • Understanding what made the customer abandon the purchase halfway
      • Understanding the pattern of the customer behavior
      • Analyzing how much time they spend on your website
      • Finding the keywords the customers are searching for

      This way, you can achieve your target at the right time.

      Find out some of the best methods that can help you optimize the conversion rate:

      1. Using the attractive images of your product:

      You read it write!!!!

      Visually stimulating images help to attract the right customer.

      Have you not felt yourself, a bright product image motivates you to purchase it?

      It is deeply embedded in human nature to get attracted to visually appealing images. So, marketers should use this subconscious human mindset to their advantage. They should put up the most beautiful images of their products on e-commerce websites for the right traction of customers.

      1. Gifts, offers, coupons:

      Heard about customer delight?

      It is providing something extra to the customers to make them feel special!!!

      E-commerce sites are known to provide seasonal offers, coupons and others to delight their customer and increase conversion rates. This is a smart move as they know the best way to draw the attention of valuable customers is to give them what they want.

      The below example is a Black Friday offer, stating 50 to 60% off.

      limited time offers
      Image source:

      This would surely significantly boost the sales, as 60% is a huge percentage to be overlooked. Customers look for the right discounts and offers to save money.

      You should understand the business scenario and the mindset of your customer to utilize the tactic in your marketing approach.

      1. First glance builds the last impression:

      You must have heard this before!!!!

      Yes, with consumers having many options, they are losing patience to invest their time on a single website. They hop around from one site to the other to search for their desired product at competitive prices. As a marketer, you should understand, the longer customers stay on your website, the more there would be chances of conversions. It also means to a specific extent, their needs are getting fulfilled.

      What is the best strategy to hook these visitors to your website?

      The first thing, you need to have is a beautiful and professional website. This gives the right credibility to your brand and boosts its image. Nobody would trust a poorly designed website that is also difficult to navigate. So, to make your conversion faster, make the search process easier for the prospects.

      Design the website with the help of the latest tools. Include the best products on your website, give the right finishing touch, etc., this would present your website in a good light.

      1. Website optimization:

      Optimizing the website is mandatory for organizations if they wish to increase sales. SEO or the search engine optimization helps in executing the same.

      This practice helps to put the website on the top of search engine results.

      When a customer can easily find your website, they would most likely trust your website more than others. So, never forget to utilize the SEO tactic in your marketing approach to produce the right business results.

      1. Adding videos to the website:

      Videos could add the right touch to your e-commerce website. Telling the product story in a video also helps to hold the attention of the audience. Craft the right content that spins around the benefits of the product, which could be provided to the user.

      The below example is of the video, where the interesting content helps to connect with the audience:

      The video conveys the message in an innovative way.

      1. Make your content appealing and believable:

      Content marketing in e-commerce sites should be relatable and highly persuasive. When your product marketing meets the needs of a common customer, there are high chances they would immediately purchase it. Use the right tone, words that would trigger the right action by the customer.

      1. Mobile-friendly websites:

      Heard it many times?

      Well, it’s not an obsession but a mandatory practice; websites should not only be user friendly but also mobile friendly.

      mobile friendly
      Image Source:

      As you can observe, the website is designed in such a way that the shopper finds it convenient to shop even while relaxing and having a cup of coffee. The more you make it convenient for the customer, the more they would be attracted to your e-commerce site to shop. Acknowledge it, a customer would always be interested in checking websites on their mobiles than on other devices. So, it’s you, where you need to check that websites are designed to make an instant connection with the customer.

      1. Include the right Call-To-Action:

      A right CTA is the key to success for any marketing campaign. It is also no different in case of the e-commerce conversions.

      CTA helps the audience to know the next step they have to take. As e-commerce websites are known to generate sales when any customer visits the website, it is necessary that marketers should include the right CTA at the right place to increase the rate of conversions.

      andreas carter sports cta
      Image Source:

      Just as you can see here, “add to basket” CTA is highlighted with blue color, and is placed just below the quantity combo box option.

      1. Adding relevant information on the home page:

      Home page acts like your brand ambassador. It is necessary to add relevant information to the home page of the website. You need to pay the right attention and design website that makes the overall use and feel of the website outstanding.

      Include a catchy line on the top of the home page, so that visitors would be drawn to the page and spend more time on it, thus making the task easier to increase the conversions. The below image is of a well-designed home page:

      zoma sleep homepage
      Image Source:

      All the crucial points are mentioned on the page such as the offer, headline, reviews, signature product, among others.


      The above conversion rate optimization guide would make the conversion process easier for the organization. In the industry where you need to adopt the latest optimization strategies, the most effective and relevant one could help you leverage the strategy to increase conversions.
      The e-commerce conversion rate optimization could be challenging, but when you know how to use the right tactic, you can sail safely to the shore and that too, with good results.