Top CMOs

CMO or the chief marketing officer is the marketing head of the organization who has the responsibility of creating and delivering the right offering that holds value for the customer or any business partner. They have a crucial role in planning the overall marketing strategy for the business.

In the 21st century, they have varied roles in the right communication process with the clients, which helps to attract the right projects for the organization. They are often referred as innovation catalysts, as they understand what works in the market and what does not.

Some of the important factors that is driving the success for CMO are:

In the below points you can find out the detailed role of the CMO in the success of an organization:

  • Voice of the customer: They are the voice of the customer. As a chief marketing officer, their years of experience have made them experts to understand the preferences, likings, dislike of the customer. They would also give top priority to customer’s needs and ask their service team to provide better service to satisfy their customers.
  • Drivers of growth: The CMO of an organization are the growth drivers. With CMOs knowing what works and what does not work in the market, they can lead companies on the right path to reap the best results.They might not be the experts in IT, finance, and other departments, but yes, they are the catalysts in the right promotion of their product or service. They understand the top management strategy such as making decisions on the market or segments that need to be dived into and which needs more planning to take the action at the right time.
  • Building the right capacity: You have to deploy the marketing capabilities that could help the organization to gain the right revenue and sales. CMOs are known as the builders in this respect. They build the right capability for the success of the organization.Almost half of the executives rate building the capability as one of their top three priorities.Their enterprise mind-driven role facilitates the company for the right growth initiatives.
  • Experience strategist: They are the experience strategist and know how to build a world-class customer experience solution. As they are exposed to various global markets it gives them a broader approach to analyzing the customers distributed across various regions of world. Their exceptional knowledge about the cutting-edge marketing technologies makes them the right strategist for the organization.
  • Great storytellers: The chief marketing officers are often known as great storytellers for their brand. They know how to weave a story around their brand, so that it can reach the right consumer and connect with them on the right emotional level. As a marketing wizard, they can align the needs of the customer with the features of their product or service, helping to attract the best attention from their potential customer.

    As a marketer, you have to capture the imagination of your customer at the right time and CMO’s are the masters in this art.

    Their way of telling the story makes the way into the hearts and minds of the customer.

  • Embracing the right data for the organization: The right data can make or break the success of an organization. This is the reason why CMOs are embracing the right data to build the strategy. As leader of a marketing team, they understand the hard facts, so they refer only the right ones. The spark and combination of the data-driven and creative mindset help these C-level executives to craft the right strategy for the organization.They already understand the target audience as they do the required research for connecting with the right potential customer, and with the inclusion of data in the strategy, they are on the right track.
  • Right idea of collaboration: They follow the idea of collaboration in the right way. They know when the teams do not plan and collaborate to achieve a common goal, then it can lead the organization nowhere. A right collaboration is also the key to success.


CMOs help build the right block for the organization so that it can step into the right success. They have an important role to play in the strategy development leading to the best business results.
The chief marketing officer in the recent business world, is exposed to more global customers, complex markets, varied expectations of customers, etc., as a result, they are the right person who can lead an organization to achieve enviable success.