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As a B2B marketer, it’s a challenge to generate high-quality B2B leads for increasing conversions. Every marketer in the industry has gone through a tough phase where a high number of leads do not get converted. It can frustrate any dedicated marketer, but instead of getting demotivated, you should find the right solution to resolve the challenge.

There are many ways, techniques, and platforms via which one can improve the performance, but you should find the right one….

Of-late, LinkedIn which is a professional networking site, has proven useful to generate B2B leads.

Find the below image:

As you can see, almost the majority of the B2B leads were sourced from LinkedIn.

So, you should go out of your way and implement the right B2B lead generation strategy on the LinkedIn platform. Instead of using the same old techniques, you should find some innovative ways, to catch the attention of your lead.

In the below blog, there are 10 creative takeaways that would help your business generate high-quality B2B leads:

  1. Joining groups:

To join a group that has the same business interest as yours is a very common strategy.

How about joining some group that would actually fetch you leads?

You have to make your presence in the group, where you think your potential leads would be posting their blogs, views, comments, etc. For example, if you want to target a healthcare company, then you can join groups belonging to the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare network, and others. You would be having almost 100% chances of coming across an employee from that sector, or a person who can give you the reference from that sector.

LinkedIn as known is a professional site, members do the promotion in a subtle way, not too loud not too submissive. You can make the best use of this platform by reaching out to the members whom you think as the lead or help you to generate the right lead with subtle promotion.

  1. The lead generation form:

Collecting leads with the help of forms via the website is a common practice, but now you can have lead generation forms in LinkedIn, that can help you collect leads.
So, how do you execute the whole process?

First, log into the option LinkedIn Campaign Manager and then you can select the account for which you want to create Lead Generation form templates. Then under the section of accounts asset just click the lead generation forms.

After that, follow some simple approach:

    • State and explain the offering: When any LinkedIn member clicks on the CTA button of the sponsored content, the lead generation form that you created is opened. Here you can include the title of your offer and clearly explain what you are offering. The privacy policy URL should be included.
    • Selecting the fields and adding to the template: As per your requirement, you can add up to seven fields in the form template. The option gives you the opportunity to ask for the right information from your potential customers. So, add only the relevant and required fields for your benefit.
    • Thank you page: After that, a thank you page helps to complete the entire process. Here, you still have the opportunity to include some additional information and CTAs. Now you can add this to your ad. You can insert this form to whichever sponsored content you wish to.

The final process in LinkedIn would look like the below image:

thank-you message

  1. Posting recommendations:

Recommendations on the LinkedIn profile is a common thing, but instead of asking recommendations for your brand profile, it’s better to post recommendations for others. Many members while reading these would also like to see the person who has recommended. So, take some time while writing for your crucial customers and your important contacts on LinkedIn.

Not only would it promote them, but also members would like to check your profile. The recommendations written by you also need the approval of members on whose profile it would show up; once they approve it, your job is done.

  1. Adding the best connections to the network:

Do you want to stand out?

Always add the connections that help you stand out from the rest. Do not add connections blindly. For example, if you do not know how the connection would help in your business network, it’s better not to send the connection request.

Also, check the LinkedIn industry leaders you may know in the recommended connections list from LinkedIn. Scan the profiles carefully so that you can find the best one. Check their designations, work experience, the industry they have worked, to whom they are connected on LinkedIn, etc. This would give you a better idea of how they could enrich your list of network connections, if added.

  1. Accurate targeting of the profile:

Hyper targeting is a step forward for filtering out the connections that would not be much beneficial. In LinkedIn, you have this option, where you can reach the exact lead.

Find the below example:

search for people with filters

To see this option,” search for people with filters,” you need to first click on the search bar and come to the bottom. This option would help you reach the accurate and targeted quality leads.

The second option for hyper filtering, you can see below:


  1. Not only followers but also following:

Most of the members think its better to have many number of followers on any social site, but the truth is you should also follow certain members, from whom you think it can help generate business leads either directly or via reference.

Following the company page of these members could help you achieve the right exposure.

  1. Optimize your profile:

This is one of the crucial techniques.
While you lookout for the best profile connections, create lead generation forms, post recommendations, you should never forget to optimize your profile.

As a marketer, you cannot afford this!!!

All the previous techniques were push strategy, you were pushing yourself to attract the leads, but do you know what is the best pull strategy to attract leads instantly?

By optimizing your profile.

If your profile has the information that can attract the attention of your lead, then you do not have to put much effort pulling the leads. Check the below example for a better idea:

Neil Patel LinkedIn Profile
You can see here, the crucial details are all mentioned at the top of the profile.


LinkedIn could help to shoot up your number of B2B leads if used the right way. As a B2B marketer, you should implement the tactics that best align and suit with your business requirements. The above blog helps you in some of the useful tactics that can help you achieve the target.

Implement the above tactics to witness amazing results yourself!!!!