Marketing Partner

Don’t you think co-marketing with an external firm could bring better results?

As an organization, you would always be looking for different ways to have the right traction of leads and conversions. But many times your effort would not bring the desired results?

Why is it so?

You need to check whether it is the lack of resources, time, strategy, etc. It can be any of these challenges. This is where a marketing partner comes into picture.
They understand the requirements, the challenges that an organization has, and strategize the plan for the same.

So, how do you know who would be the best marketing partner for your organization? The below points could help you with the same:

  • Having a close look into their social media profiles:

A sneak into their social media profiles can give you an idea about their standards they follow. As a marketing service provider, they should have the best social media strategies implemented in their marketing approach.

Have a balanced viewpoint while analyzing their profile, just do not look into the likes, followers, following, etc. the content in the post also matters to make the right decision. So, check out their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles with an open mind.

It has been observed that a good content on these platforms garner excellent response, with timely replies and engagement. From this, you can conclude that their social team are talented and have the right knowledge to engage the audience, one of the best qualities to be shortlisted as a future marketing partner.

  • Search the right information about the company:

An organization should look for the right information about their possible marketing partner from various sources. Find the information in Google, check the reviews about the service or product, find out the quality of their customer service; by digging deeper, you could find the authenticity of their service and whether they are suitable for your organization.

  • Take the right call to approach:

Do not make the hasty decision of partnering with the organization. It’s always better to have a direct call with the future marketing partner.

While conversing, observe whether they seem excited about working with your organization, did they ask relevant questions about the collaboration, was it a useful conversation, etc. Keep the conversation for a good 30-45 minutes so that you can understand how well you would get along, and whether your requirements and their service would align or not.

  • Analyze the traffic to be driven:

Every organization looks to drive the right traffic to their website and if you would be working with a marketing partner, then ensure to check how much traffic they could drive to your landing page.

Why work with a marketing partner that could not drive relevant traffic to the website?

When they cannot help you achieve the foremost goal, it’s a waste of your time, and investment.

  • Become a secret subscriber:

You know about mystery shopper where competitors enquire about the different features of the product or services with the sales team; while looking for a marketing partner, become a secret subscriber of their newsletter.

From this, you can know the quality of their content, is their content worth-reading, the frequency of their email sending process, is their any call-to-action in the content, etc.

You can understand how useful and relevant it would be for your process when you partner with them in the future.

  • Their commitment strategy:

You should know how committed would be your shortlisted partner. Without the right commitment, you can never expect to give them the right results which you desired for.

Of-course, they would learn about your working pattern, process, flow, etc. but if they are highly committed, they would not take much time to learn it and start working on the floor immediately. Also, check whether they are committed for a long-term. It should not be the case where they hop over to another project, which looks more exciting and revenue-oriented to them.


A marketing partner can unburden many of your marketing challenges that would have been tiresome and not giving the best results for you. They can streamline the approach needed to reach the right prospect and convert them into customers within a short span.

The above blog helps you to understand some of the crucial points to look for in a marketing before finalizing the one. You can even do your own research, discuss with your LinkedIn connection to search for the best one for your organization.

Remember the right marketing partner can save your time and money.