Customer Service

Every organization has the ultimate goal of reaching the top-most position within its segment. And, the goal isn’t only about reaching the top but also remaining in that position for the longest time. Only the best of the best will achieve this phenomenon, and the rest of us wonder how did they do it!

We are here today to decode the mystery behind this unique phenomenon. That is, how a few companies have passed through the test of time and continue to stay as the champion in their respective market. Some have a misconception that successful companies achieve it by spending more on branding, marketing, and advertising their products.

However, many of us have tried and tested the above misconception and failed to increase the revenue. So, what magic potion has put such companies on the top?

To tell you the truth, those companies have invested more in delivering excellent customer service. Yes! The same rusty old customer service department in your office that receives nagging from people can be molded as the best strategic tool to uphold the brand value.

Why Excellent Customer Service?

  • Long-Term Retention of Customers

We know that acquiring a customer is one of the toughest challenges. It innately becomes your responsibility to retain your customers. Good customer service is the most effective tool in holding your customers together for the longest time possible.

  • Increased Profitability

The retained customers are more likely to buy products from the same vendors repeatedly. Constant interaction and caring for their needs will bring in trust and reliability to your products.

  • Improved Customer Experience

By keeping the customers at the center of all the decisions, one can attempt to enhance customer experiences seamlessly. Customer service that remains at the end of a product cycle helps you collect qualitative feedback. This feedbacks, when recorded and reciprocated well, is capable of improving the product and their experience with your brand.

  • Competitive Advantage

Today Amazon is considered one of the fastest e-commerce giants. And, it has reached this height by promoting its products well and also because of its top-notch customer service. Similarly, if you want to counter the financial gimmicks of other entrants in the market, start creating a simple, easy-to-reach service platform for your clients that can undoubtedly bring a competitive edge.

  • Reduced Risk

By gaining the customer’s trust and belief in your brand, you can courageously take up the calculative risks associated with the new product or its promotion. This, in turn, will help your business advance and improve persistently.

Types of Customers

Customer service strategies cannot be designed identical for all audiences. In the process of acquiring customers, one has to focus separately on different customer types.

  • First-Time Customer

These are the customers who arrive on your platforms for the first time with a vague idea about your company and products. In this case, the tonality of your customer service must be on educating and intriguing them. Without invading any of your customer’s personal space, a subtle message should be passed on in a friendly way.

  • Active Customer

An active customer is the one who has brought your product and also exhibits interest in all your upcoming products. These customers are the most volatile as they tend to get attracted to any new product that comes by. Your customer service plays a prominent role in retaining them by offering exclusive discounts, vouchers, and interactive newsletters. These active customers are the most potential of all customers as you don’t have to invest a lot in bringing awareness about your brand.

  • Brand Advocates

This set of customers is the profitable bunch as they are very well aware of the services and products of your company and are your brand promoters. Neglecting them will cost a big fortune as they help you spread your message. Keeping them entertained and providing incentives from your customer service departments will retain their love for your brand and also boost up your sales.

How Should a Good Customer Service Be?

  • Paying attention to customer feedback
  • Responding to all complaints and inquiries
  • Reducing the efforts of customers to access your products
  • Personalizing the service to show them you care
  • Maintaining a positive attitude throughout


Good customer service doesn’t start when a customer whines or have issues with your product. It instead starts from the creation of the product, selling it, collecting reviews, responding to the customer queries, resolving the problems, reverting it to the product designers, and the cycle goes on. And the future of your organization depends on how well you offer this service.

Your unadulterated service is what matters now to stand out and uphold your company’s image and be the best among the best in the market.