A brand is a massive individual entity. Building a successful brand requires a lot of effort – right from drafting a plan to its execution. When something gets established, the process doesn’t stop there. The same applies to any brand. Brand promotion is as necessary as fuel, which gets a vehicle up and running.

However, to make any brand go in the right direction, one has to follow specific well-tested strategies. To help you out, we are here with a list of brand promotion strategies for 2020.

Use Social Media to Its Fullest

Social media is a place where one can find a world of opportunity to promote a brand. It gives a massive presence to your business, among others who use it on a daily basis. It allows you to find potential customers, which can then be used to your advantage while promoting a product.

Each social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn has its unique benefits. For instance:

  • Images work better on Instagram and has the highest engagement rate among millennials.
  • Short texts on Twitter are capable of influencing a large chunk of audiences actively seeking knowledge.
  • Facebook, as a medium, can be used to engage customers with images, content, and also to get in touch with them by answering queries.
  • YouTube, on the other hand, is a social video platform offering tremendous opportunity for brand growth with the appropriate videos.

It’s essential to identify the suitable platform to promote your brand for the right audience.

Not to forget, paid social media ads are the next step to boost your brand further. These ads have a variety of options to choose from to target the right audience, such as a prospect’s location, age, gender, interests, and more.

Collaborate with Influencers

Another way to promote a brand is to collaborate with influencers. Influencers are people who are already popular in a particular field and have a large following, which any brand can use to its advantage. Find influencers famous in your industry and try to build a rapport, which in turn makes way for collaborations.

When you build trust, make sure to use their Influencer network for more promotion opportunities. A long term partnership will benefit any brand to scale more promotion and growth.

Content is Still the King

If you had already come across the phrase “Content is king”, you are in good stead. It was said in the mid-’90s by Bill Gates. It applies even today and the years to come. Customers trust a brand that provides them with an excellent and informative quality content.

  • By crafting high-quality content using SEO, you can slowly and steadily climb up the ladder of brand growth.
  • By continually updating the content and tracking its performance, you can improve the conversion rate.

The content is applicable in different areas like organic posts on social media, email marketing, website content, blogs, and also in paid ads.

Don’t Rule Out Email Marketing

Email marketing might seem traditional in its approach, but getting an email contact from a customer is similar to winning gold. One can get email addresses of prospects using several ways such as:

  • Email subscription box on landing pages
  • Using pop-ups to promote special offers
  • Offering free resources like tutorials and eBooks
  • Using direct targeted Facebook ads
  • Hosting industry-relevant events
  • And many more

How to use those email contacts wisely is another subject altogether. When these email contacts are reaching a business, it means people are interested in the product or service. So, companies should be wise enough to understand this and provide them with the quality content that engages the subscribers rather than spamming them.

Retention – Think of Loyalty programs

The next step to promote your brand is using retention strategies such as a loyalty program. The brands must identify lucrative customers and reward them on a regular basis. When a customer is loyal, and you reward them often, they tend to spread the word across, which in turn gets other potential customers to your business.

Loyalty programs can include:

  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Exclusive offers
  • Special rewards for referral
  • Free goodies and more

Giveaway – Try Giving Free eBooks

When a brand specializes in something, and it has content to support that, then there is always a strategy to make it more valuable. To promote a brand with content is always a good idea. If your business has significant content related to a product or service, you can combine all of it to make a user-friendly to do or know-how eBook.

And, these materials can be given free of cost by simply asking them to submit their email address and download it. It is a way of promoting by gaining people’s trust and, in turn, obtaining their contact information for future communications.


Being original, studying competitor behavior, experimenting, and willing to learn are the other factors to consider for scaling brand heights in the digital world. All in all, brand promotion is always about stamping authority on a digital space that will give your organization its identity and trust.