If you think about it, most everyone is an expert at something. You are. People come to you to ask questions about one thing – or maybe many things. You are the “go to” person, which makes you an expert. Chances are, there are many people out there who want to know what you know and you can actually get paid to teach that to them but you just need to teach people once.

With a membership website, you can have tutorial videos you create or articles broken out into individual lessons where people pay to get that information. Just take the time to create that content once and people can come and learn about it. Each time someone new signs up, you can get paid!

Types of Membership Websites

There are several kinds of ways to set up membership websites. You can have a one-time fee where people get access to the content forever. With this setup, you just get paid once when they sign up.

You can also charge people monthly to have access to that content. It’s usually best to keep adding content when you charge monthly so that people feel like they should keep their membership going to learn more. If you have a good-sized membership base, you can make some good money.

Yet another way to run your subscription website is to drip-feed your content. People will get one new lesson per week or per day. This will keep them coming back to your website.

How Much Can You Make?

Just charging $9.99 per month can make you around $500 a month with just 50 members. Go up to 250 members and you’ll make close to $2,500 per month. Wouldn’t that be nice? You could travel the world and do what you want by just working a few hours per week. Just create more content every month.

The more content you have, the better your website and the more people will sign up. You’ll build onto it every month and every year.

Ideas for Membership Websites

Here are 16 examples of membership websites:

  1. Yoga / Fitness
  2. Guitar / Piano / Musical Instrument Lessons
  3. Cooking / Healthy Eating
  4. Finances / Financial Advice
  5. Dog Training
  6. Raising Kids as a Single Parent
  7. Photography
  8. Business / Entrepreneurship
  9. Sales and Marketing
  10. Travel Tips
  11. Computer Programming Languages
  12. Social Media Training
  13. Wedding Planning
  14. Household Tips
  15. How to Make Jewelry
  16. Lawn Care Tips

How to Run Your Membership Website

When you offer a mix of paid and free content, you’ll give the people considering joining a free sample of what you offer in the members area. You can even hold a monthly webinar where people can ask questions and get answers. This recorded session is now new content for your membership website.

You can also include an online forum within the membership area of the website where members help members or you consult with them – maybe for an extra fee.

The list of what you can have in your website and how you can promote it go on and on. If the topic is truly something you love to do, you’ll love working on new content / new lessons and your audience will see how passionate you are and invite others. All the while, you’ll be paying your bills and making money.

Should You Get Started?

Sure, it could take a little bit of time before you quit your day job but with every bit of content you create, you’ll building your asset – one that will eventually keep paying you back. How much work do you do per day where you do it once and it keeps paying you – or do you just do your work once, get paid and then have to do it again the next day? Isn’t it time to break that horrible cycle? With just a few hours per week, you can start building something that’ll free you from your current life and give you a brand new future.

HelloFit website preview

Check out the membership website that Webstix in Madison, WI made for their client, HelloFit. It’s a 90-day exercise program you can do at home, from any device. Pay once and you get all their content for life.

To get a website like that for yourself, just contact Webstix for more information.