Customer Brand Engagement

Today we have to see a customer who is spoiled by the multiple brand choice, attractive price suggestions, and a day-night online store availability. Having such well-informed and demanding customers brands have no other options as carefully taking care of a long-term and stable customer loyalty and engagement.

Let me remind here an old-schooled and time-proven approach for building a sufficient loyalty program for your store. If you are among those 250.000 happy Magento family members, there are a lot of the Reward Points extensions for Magento. As far as more and more store owners have Magento 2 in use for their store operation, let’s say some words about Magento 2 Reward points extensions. All of them are assigned to create a strong and reliable loyalty program. By the way, before starting to choose the best Magento 2 Reward points extension developer, remember the following things.

Before installing the plugin, think of a specific page dedicated to your loyalty program at your website. It should be created to explain to your customers how your program works. The page should also contain the contact information for providing your customers are able to send you all their questions related. Then you can install and launch the dedicated extension and see your customers happy, engaged and loyal.

By the way, except the corresponding extension, it’s useful to follow the latest tendencies in the loyalty issue. Let’s see what loyalty trends should be considered in the year 2018.

1.  Personalization

Personalization is a powerful factor encouraging customer loyalty because shoppers still suffer from sad digital impressions. As a rule, it’s about a bad shopping experience when customers are left on their own: ‘no communication’, ‘no instructions, tips, recommendations’, ‘no feeling you are expected’. Try to make your offers as personalized as you can. Turn your customer shopping experience in an exciting trip full of care and support. Award them with personalized content, targeted offers and mutually created products.

2.  Omnichannel

Omnichannel is what you need to take into consideration when it comes to customer loyalty. To implement this approach you can make the following steps. Mobile loyalty technologies are no more just a trend, but the necessity. Let your customers transact via their phones, earn points, go live with promos. It’s also recommended to digitize loyalty programs allowing shoppers to obtain equally smooth and pleasant shopping experience both at mortar-and-brick stores and online stores. Finally, experiment with your rewarding schemes, offering exclusive discounts and not be afraid to build strong partner relations with other businesses to create the whole loyalty network. This is what you can do to implement omnichannel practice into your store loyalty conception.

3.  Big Data / Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Big Data disclosures trends, opportunities and problematic fields and what is more important it can help you to understand the positioning and segmentation of your customers. The analytics through Big Data can help in forecasting customer needs. Thanks for implementing this deeper analytic approach entrepreneurs will be able to produce more qualitative offers for streamlining sales rates. Put is simply, chatbots are the interfaces for communication with customers. More advanced chatbots use artificial intelligence for providing the interactive user experience. The chatbots are becoming usual practice for many companies. You may tell me that chatbots will never replace humans when it comes to communication. But some companies accept the idea that a smart combination of natural and artificial intelligence is a combo for any business.

4.  Social Media Integration

Be socially active! The social platforms can open a way to the larger audience. While applying the social media management tools you have a chance to track posts, discussion groups and comments about your brand, in particular. In case you see talks where your customers are discussing your brand issues, you can immediately join and demonstrate your care, engagement, and expertise offering timely prompt solutions. The truth is social networks are the space where your customers can freely express their true opinion.

5.  Customer Lifecycle

Surely, you know that customer lifecycle includes five separate stages: engagement, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Realizing which way you customers should overcome for making purchases and how they do it, you can set more effective interaction with your customers and your brand.

Surely, you don’t have to limit by these five trends. You may not even take them into consideration if your customers are loyal and completely engaged into your brand. But the constant improvement of customer experience will be appreciated and as a result, simple rewarding will become a strong and long-term partnership with the best business traditions.