Google News Gets a Redesigned After 14 Years

Google News redesigned with a cleaner look for comfortable reading and browsing to cut down on clutter and confusion and introduces fact-checking and additional personalization for users.

Check out the new-look Google News by visiting on your desktop.

Here are some highlights of Google News’ Redesign:

  • A card-based interface that makes it easier to browse, scan and identify related articles about a story.
  • Headlines, which features the day’s top news stories with publisher names and article labels
  • Local, which allows users to switch and read their local news.
  • For You, a personalization feature to the users to select what they’re interested in.
  • Fact-check widget, which displays stories from fact-checking sites such as PolitiFact and Snopes. (For now, the Fact Check addition is only available in the United States)

“Our goal here was to make every frequent task and every user needs smooth and frictionless so they are connected to the news and journalism, which is why they come to Google News — to read the news and find out what’s going on. To give them that multitude of facts, voices, and perspectives, you want the UI to disappear and not be a sense of overload or cognitive load on them but just be transparent,” Says Anand Paka, the product manager for Google News.