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Thomson Data, a data-driven marketing agency based out of Texas launches account profiling services on Wednesday, 21st June 2017.

Thomson Data is one of the best email list vendors in the USA and providing marketing data solutions to SMBs and large enterprises since 2010. On May 9th this year, speaking at the DataCon 2017, an event hosted by Thomson Data, company announced that they would be launching new solutions to provide most accurate and detailed marketing information to their customers.

“We have been in the industry since 2010, and we know the current standards of marketing data is not sufficient to all of our clients’ needs, and we need to develop new techniques and find new ways to provide even more useful information to our customers to boost their marketing campaign’s performance and increase sales. Some companies just need the basic information like Name, Email, Phone, Fax, Mailing Address. But, some companies need more information about their prospects like purchase history, their behavior on the Internet, etc. Our account profiling services will fill that gap by providing more customizing options to build the customer data and more detailed information about your ideal prospects.” Says John Duff, Marketing Manager at Thomson Data.

Thomson Data is the first email list vendor who provides account profiling services. Having 76 million business records in their master database is an added advantage to Thomson Data when other companies don’t have it. No one can deny the fact that Thomson Data is the leader in tracking technology users information. Thomson Data also provides region-wise email list, industry-wise email list, and other professionals email databases.