Instagram Stories

Want to target users through Instagram’s Story? Now you can, while still using Facebook’s reach services.

Soon after Instagram started placing ads between stories, Facebook followed suit by launching photo and video app to marketers for placing their products and services within the users feeds. The new feature was announced on Wednesday encouraging advertisers to use its self-serve ad-buying tools for business.

Advertisers can now shout out to target groups within Instagram through Stories, which is similar to Facebook’s feeds.

To begin with, the advertisers are allowed to purchase Story ads from Instagram through Facebook’s reach tools to carry the message.

The advertisers are billed based on the impressions acquired from the ad. On Instagram, the impressions are counted when ads are viewed on full screen. Also, the Instagram stories must be optimized to 9:16 aspect ratio so that it displays well on a full-screen resolution.
The advertisers can use photos or video as promotional media. In the case of video, Instagram allows only 15 seconds of play time.

Facebook’s Audience Network ad programs limit advertisers by permitting them to pitch at users on the Facebook platform alone. However, Instagram offers headroom to advertisers by not pushing them to purchase Story bundled with other inventories. It means the advertisers are unopposed from promoting campaigns exclusively on Instagram Stories feed.