Walmart's New App

To save customers money and time, Walmart adds new features to the app to provide the Pharmacy and Money Service Customers the convenience of faster and easier shopping. In addition to this, the multinational retailing corporation has also introduced “express lanes” service using which customers, visiting store’s Pharmacy or Money Services desk will be able to skip long queues. The upgraded app version will roll out in March, spreading operations across Walmart’s 4,700 stores.

For new users, let’s highlight the fact that how the latest version of the app with new capabilities is more advanced than the previous one. Earlier, pharmacy customers could refill prescriptions in the app but were not able to track the order status, manage pickup details or see the pricing. Whereas now with the upgraded feature, customers can carry out all these functionalities via the Walmart app and even schedule a simple pickup using “express lanes.”

Steps to Complete Your Pharmacy Order

  1. Open the Walmart app and click “prescription ready for pickup.”
  2. Then enter a PIN or use Touch ID to activate the camera.
  3. To register, scan the code displayed to connect the app to the current transaction.
  4. With the Walmart Associate delivering the prescription, the transaction is complete. The payment for the same is done by Walmart Pay. For reference purpose, the eReceipt is sent to the app.

Following the same objective of pharmacy services, Walmart’s Money services desk is all ready to offer its customers best customer experience. In order to remove the hassle of paperwork involved in transferring money through a Walmart store, the company has come up with the new “express lane” feature to simplify the process. Now, customers can do the paperwork sitting at the convenience of their home or on the go using the app. They no longer need to do the paperwork at the store. Once details are filled, they can visit the Money desk directly without having to stand in long lines. With express lane facility, they enjoy priority treatment at the store.

Steps to Complete Your Money Services Transaction

  1. Open the Walmart app and click “money ready to send.”
  2. Enter a PIN or use Touch ID to activate the camera.
  3. Scan the code displayed at the time of registration to connect to the app and then verify information and proceed to pay.
  4. Check your app or email to view the receipt and reference number of the transaction.