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Twitter has upped the game and offered its platform as an avenue for consumers to communicate with brands. It is likely that responses will come from real humans rather than bots.

Brands engage with consumers on social media through actual employees who personally respond to every direct message. All the conversations occur through original profile used by brands for shouting out to their audience. The twitter’s new tool allows consumers to determine if they are conversing with bots.

The new feature was made available to users on Wednesday in partnership with T-Mobile who will be the advertiser.
Twitter’s marketing research division indicated that personalized customer care services are 20% more efficient than machine generated responses.

Twitter has been fulfilling the consumer’s aspiration to communicate with corporates in the way of their liking. The new feature trims the distance between consumers and brands as these tools present conversational ads which allow users to decide how they can be heard. Also, it specifies the brand’s availability time that enables consumers to plan their engagement.