YouTube Go is a new app for offline viewing and sharing. It is designed for users living in areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity and data coverage. The app is currently in beta version, and so officially it is still unreleased in the Google Play Store.

YouTube Go App

A beta version of YouTube Go hit the Google Play Store Wednesday. As part of its Google for India campaign, last year in September, Google had announced YouTube Go which is light (less than 10MB in size) and features an option to share files using Wi-Fi Direct protocol.

The highlights of the YouTube Go App

  • A preview function is available where users will get a quick preview of the video they are watching, before deciding if they should watch it or save it on the app.
  • It allows users to download the video in low-quality mode for offline viewing.
  • It displays mobile data that will be consumed while streaming and downloading the video.
  • The app relies on WiFi direct to transfer the data and won’t need any internet access.
  • Users can find their friends via Bluetooth on the phone and then share videos straight from the YouTube Go app.

YouTube Go also supports several Indian local languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam and Indonesian.