Find Industry Codes

SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) and NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes are indispensable resources for marketers, statistical agencies and numerous other business entities. The codes assigned by the US Government help in understanding the exact function/ nature of a business and the specific industry it operates in.

The article outlines the process to find out SIC or NAICS code for an industry.

  1. Step 1: Identify Your Industry

Determine the industry you wish to find the SIC/NAICS code for. This could be based upon the core nature of your business. For example: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, Services etc.

Identify Your Industry

  1. Step 2: Find SIC Code / NAICS Code Lookup Tool.

You can use different government and private sources to search the relevant SIC/NAICS Code.

The easiest way of finding SIC or NAICS Code of the industry of your interest is using the Blue Mail Media’s SIC & NAICS Lookup Tool. The tool helps you find the relevant industry code and aids in converting SIC Code to NAICS Code and vice versa. The page also highlights the broad industry groupings of SIC and NAICS codes.

Navigate to SICNAICS Code Lookup Tool

  1. Step 3: Select the Industrial Classification System of Your Choice- SIC or NAICSSelect the Industrial Classification System

  2. Step 4: Type out the Industry Of Your Interest In The Search Bar

After selecting the applicable classification, type out the industry you wish to find the code for and press Enter key on your keyboard. You may also choose the main industry class from the auto suggestions that appear below the search bar. The first two digits of the SIC Code/ NAICS Code represent the main industry class.

Type out the Industry Of Your Interest

  1. Step 5: Select the Sub-Industry Class.

Once you have selected the main industry class, the tool will list down the Sub-Industry Classes. Select the three-digit industry group relevant to your search to know further divisions of the industry.

Select the Sub-Industry Class

  1. Step 6: Select the Industry Subcategory

Once you have selected the sub-industry class, the tool will show you further divisions of the selected subclass. Select the four digit group that best describes your business/ industry.

Select the Industry Subcategory

  1. Step 7: The Result Thus Obtained Is Your Industry SIC/ NAICS Code

After selecting the four digit industry group, the obtained six digit number is your Industry SIC/ NAICS Code.
The Result Thus Obtained Is Your Industry SIC/ NAICS Code