Email Marketing

Email is still the best digital channel to communicate and generate b2b leads. It is recommended to build an opt-in email list for better results, but it does take time. Now, what is the choice to get the results faster? – Buying a targeted email list

I disagree with popular saying that “the buying email lists is always a bad idea”. It is true the mailing list industry is riddled with redundancies, but awareness about the right practices can keep you clear off the wrong decisions.

One of the hardest marketing decisions involves selecting email lists to streamline the sales funnel performance. The present day scenario is in stark contrast to the old standards. Netting bulk emails that loosely quantify the relevant needs and blasting contents is no longer the prevalent tactic. Pursuing strategies guided by the email list is the next most happening thing.

The Internet is aplenty with literature that highlights the merits of buying an email list. However, the silver line of purchasing mailing list from a reputable source are:

  • You can have a direct contact with your targeted prospects.
  • Reaching a large group of your targeted audience will generate leads.
  • Radical improvement in web traffic and dilation of conversion via call-to-action on the website.

After procuring the email list, the next phase is deciding how to make the best use of an asset.

1. Sender’s Authentication

It is compulsory to have a veritable sender authentication that validates the performance of the list purchased by clients. The sender’s corroboration is an assurance for deliverability. A process that authenticates the server used to sending the email to recipients by matching the address with a domain.

The method mentioned above is critical for a successful email blast because the emails are dispatched via a third party email platform server rather than the company’s server.

It is mandatory to be informed about the process details such as the server that are used to mail blast campaigns. If you are unable to decipher the details, it is recommended to request email partners for instruction regarding the process.

2. The Right List Vendor

Be warned, not every list vendors are genuine. Reputable brands aren’t shy to disclose information about the email list being negotiated with clients. Reputable vendors will tell buyers how clean the lists are; the measures are undertaken to scrub the email list to filter duplicates, bad domains, and also the accuracy of the list.

Try to understand how list vendors assimilate the email list into your existing business framework. To bring clarity to decision making ask questions that demand justification. Such as if it is a necessity for the lists to remain integrated with the company’s CRM. How often would you need the data to be updated? Some email list vendors offer post-purchase services, inquire to what extent they are willing to serve your cause.

Here are some of the top list vendors: Hoovers, Thomson Data, Experian, InfoUSA, Blue Mail Media

3. The Right List

A successful list is undeviating and has all information pertaining to target audience. Always narrow the focus to a select group of prospects who are likely to benefit from your expertise. When specificity is emphasized, you derive more value from the lists. The quality is often based on the accuracy of the requirement specified to the list vendors.

4.The Role Of List Size

The goal of purchasing an email list is to make your expertise visible to the right audience. The results can vary depending on the extent of market penetration and reception among the prospects. However, the ultimate purpose of the mailing list is to grow quickly in a predominated marketplace where Inception is a greater challenge.

In a practical perspective, most mid-sized companies generate 3% conversion from web call to action irrespective of the list size. But, to boost traffic and to have sustainable growth, it is necessary to focus on a larger list to increase the overall conversion from the promotions. The ideal figures vary from 3000 to 4000 contacts. However, the crux of sales marketing is when a list size grows organically.

When planning to purchase the email list, do not seek a fair number of contacts that justify momentary needs. A list must be capable of sustaining long-term growth with an initial momentum.

5. Cleaning The List

The potential of a clean list is never to be underestimated. You may trust a leading list vendor while purchasing your list. But, double ensure to have the list scrubbed before an email blast for enhanced performance and also to avoid hard bounces. The scrubbing expense is just a fraction of the cost to avoid buying undeliverable contacts. Even a high-quality list is never exempt from bad emails. Approximately, 20% of the emails turn out to be unusable. It just seems that 100% clean list is never an easy task.

The usual pitfalls occur when the client purchases unclean lists. Take extra measures to assure the list doesn’t fall short of quality and deliverability.

6. A/B Testing Of The List

It is a healthy habit to A/B test your marketing emails to build a clear picture of your email recipients.  Before email blast, test every segment of the email to understand the effectiveness of the list. So, it is a healthy practice to test subject line, best time, and day for dispatching email, and all nitty-gritty details to make it make it more responsive.

7. Generic Email Is A Clutter

Generic email addresses are an abuse of the campaign progress. Not only do they underperform, but they can also be a waste of investment. So, steer clear of generic addresses such as ( Use filters to scrub elements that add friction to performance.

8. Say No To Renting Lists

The bottom line of renting an email list is that it takes away the true potential to nurture and grow with contacts rented from the list vendor. Since the vendor will perform the email blast on your behalf, you will be missing out on the benefits that would have otherwise become useful if the list is purchased. A purchased list has its share of benefits because the list in hand allows marketers to follow up with their clients. Most of these follow-ups occur when the conversion takes place from the CTA of your website.

9. Overusing List Will Downplay The Efforts

Email list must be considered as a tool to enhance the organic traffic to your site. It must be used sparingly for optimum benefits. Most smart marketers use the email list at the outset to hyperdrive the endeavor so that a onetime statement is etched in the ever competitive marketing realm. Before using such a list, it is also essential to be prepared for the next stages of the challenge. The contents and services of the websites must be readily available, and the marketer must be capable of handling the request of traffic to stand by their promises to make a lasting impression with every conversion.

10. List Is A Contributing Element But Not A Sole Contributor To Successful Prospecting

From a typical email blast, it is impractical to have unnatural expectations from the campaign. Even a high-quality list will yield 30 percent open rate, 3 percent click-through rate, and a 5 percent bounce. The highs and lows of results will vary depending on the quality of content and deliverability of the marketer. So, be prepared for the post-campaign challenges.

After the first wave of the campaign, it is a norm to experience half of the expected results, but it helps weed out the under par leads from the high-quality prospects. After all, why invest in people who may never be interested in your expertise?

Due to the unpleasant experience with email lists purchased from unverified vendors in the past, it might make marketers cringe. Many shady list vendor’s list accumulation practices have weighed down the reputation of many legitimate list vendors.

However, today more businesses that use the email list to reach out their customers are making headlines with right choices because the list has tremendous potential to meet marketing goals than growing organically. Following these tips will help fast-tracking sales and keeping the heading aligned towards promising results.